How to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

How to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Do you want to help those impacted by Hurricane Harvey but don't know how? I'm sharing a list of specific locations and organizations where you can contribute in some way. This list may get long and will be updated as needed. My goal is to help you select where...

Is God Calling You to Step Out in Faith?

Is God Calling You to Step Out in Faith?

Is that really you, God?   Should I move?   Should I stay?   One Option: Nah, that doesn't make sense. I'll just stick with what I know.   Another Option: Hmmm...maybe it is you. I don't understand it though. It sounds awfully hard, or too small. Even so, I'm here...

Ever find yourself struggling through life’s challenges? Maybe you’re tired and weary. Maybe fears and doubts threaten your ability to live well as a Christian.

I believe God has more peace, joy, and freedom than many of us come to know. I want this for us.

I also believe God is bigger and better than any of us can ever know. I want us to see more of Him daily.

Here we’ll journey through areas of emotional health, soul care, and spiritual growth in order to cultivate a life-well lived and a soul well-nourished. Not a perfect life, but a life reliant on the One who is perfect.

While it may not be easy, it’s worth it.

You in?


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