ANNOUNCING – The Habit Room

Move Toward What Matters,
Not What Burdens

This 12-week group is in beta, running from November through January. The goal of the group is to foster habit development as a process of growth, not a problem to be fixed.

What’s Included in The Habit Room:

  • Group coaching via Zoom
  • Supportive teaching videos
  • Private FB Group

Habit Development as a Process

Possible topics covered.

  • Goals vs Expectations
  • Process Over Perfection
  • Ideas vs Ideals
  • Goal & habit identification, formation, & shaping
  • Stewardship vs servanthood
  • Internal blocks
  • External forces
  • Not your ordinary time management
  • Graceful attending vs shameful acquiescing


Pay What You Can*


This group is an affordable investment in your future because you get to set the rate. Something similar would likely cost hundreds per month. I’ve chosen to set it with a minimum registration of $30. 

Here’s why.

I want to make the group affordable even when finances are tight, because I believe there’s potential to make a difference in future you. At the same time, a financial investment increases your likelihood of engaging in the process. Rather than determining a set price based on what I think this group is worth, you decide what you’re willing to invest.

How much is it worth to say, “I’m in! Let’s go!”

What can I afford so I gain momentum with new habits?


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