Growing A Cultivated Life

Teaching & encouragement for a life in process.

Whether you’re just starting on a path to develop who you are & how you show up to experience LIFE, I have resources for you.


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In addition, I’ve provided free & paid resources, including community options. Chose what works for you.

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Creator Life Collective

Support the Heart & Work of  Christian Creatives


Creator Life Collective is for you if you are a content creator (blogger, writer, speaker, podcaster, video producer, course creator, virtual assistant, etc.).


In the YouTube channel (@theCreatorLifeCollective) you’ll find tips, demos, reviews, and discussions on tools, processes, and all things related to creating content. You’ll also find messages for the heart of Christian believers.


Creator Life Connections – A Membership Community

I’d love to bring a special community together that offers collaboration, brainstorming, and collective sharing via Zoom calls & a private group. This community would be interactive. While I’ll share what I can, my goal is to faciliate an environment where you can share what you’ve learned & learn from others along the way.


YouTube - Tips, Tools, Demos, Reviews, DiscussionsMore About Creator Life Collective

Connected Church Care Network

Supporting individuals who support care initiatives in faith communities, with particular emphasis on trauma &/or abuse-informed approaches.


This pending membership community will offer connection & collaborative opportunities for leaders, caregivers, & anyone interested in deepening care in faith communities.

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