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Unleash Sheets – Digital

  • 12 Teaching Videos to guide you through the process
  • Access to the most current version of the tool
  • Receive updates (when available)
  • Download the full PDF, or just the worksheets you need
  • Unlimited printing as needed (for personal use ONLY)

Unleash Personal Growth with God

The workshop is edited from a live event. 

Unleash Sheets – Printed

  • Instructions and introduction with tips for the tool included
  • Choose a Maroon back cover with Gold inserts or Grey with Grey
  • Enough sheets to carry you through a year or more


  • 10 Feeling Words Vocabulary Sheets
  • 40 Two-page Sheets
  • 10 Single-page Sheets
  • 10 Alternate Style Sheets


  • 10 Clear-the-Clutter Sheets
  • 10 Needs List Sheets

Unleash Personal Growth with God

The workshop is edited from a live event. 

“It is a wonderful tool to facilitate hearing the voice of God speak into your hurts. It allows him space to bring the healing He wants to give. It also doesn’t allow us to be satisfied with hearing one or two words from God; it pushes you to dig in deeper.


Jolene also facilitated the retreat in a responsible way. She allowed a slow start to get acclimated, time to go deep, then moved us toward more positive ending. It was a wise way to close.”
- Dina

“I love the guidance that the Unleash project has given to my quiet time with the Lord.   It helps me to focus on how I am feeling, and what the scriptures that I am reading are speaking to me.

As a previous sporadic journaler at best, I find that I now look forward to my time with the Lord each day with this tool to guide my time and create a record of what I am learning.  Thanks Jolene!”

- Dawn

“They remind me to seek daily renewal with Him. They can be used for small group discussion as well as individual use. Her amazing word list assists me in getting in touch with my spiritual and emotional side and really examine the link between the two through God’s eyes.”

“I love Jolene Underwood’s Unleash Sheets.”

- Shannon


UPDATED 9/26/2023


Please note that all printed versions of Unleash Sheets are created and fulfilled by Jolene Underwood.

This is a small business operation. I do my best to offer quality service, which often means same-day or next-day fulfillment of printed material.

There may be occasions where hiccups occur. I’m developing systems to manage inventory & production and shipping fulfillment.

DIGITAL VERSIONS are immediately available.

Thank you for supporting this small business with your purchase. 

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact me. 

Unleash: Heart & Soul Care Sheets

A tool to help you process life events, challenges, pains, problematic patterns, and choices with God. This tool also supports a practice of hearing and responding to God at work.


Unleash Sheets are an effective tool for helping you navigate what’s happening in your life, and all the thoughts and feelings that go with it.


Gain a deeper connection to yourself so you can connect well with God and others.


Experience growth that only happens when you make space for it.


Sort through confusing situations, problematic patterns, and painful moments.

  • Gain clarity so you can move forward.

Unleash: Heart & Soul Care Sheets are an effective tool for helping Christians:

  • wade through overwhelm
  • engage connection to self (which helps…👇🏼👇🏼)
  • connect more fully with God
  • navigate difficult decisions
  • process challenging thoughts, feelings, problems, and pains
  • experience God in an intimate way
  • gain rich experiences of grace and love in your messes
  • hear from God
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Unleash Sheets - Digital

Access or purchase the digital version of Unleash Sheets. You’ll find teaching videos and files to download in this hub.

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