A life coach is someone who helps you move forward in life. This can be done in person, online, or on the phone. Life coaches usually focus on helping you grow and improve in one area of life. Some coaches focus on physical health, financial wellness, career pursuits, or business acumen. A life coach may focus on emotional and spiritual growth with or without specializing in one of these areas.

For example, I am a certified life breakthrough coach providing emotional and spiritual support for women who want to cultivate a life well-lived. I also offer coaching services for writers that include spiritual support and practical help.

A life coach will help you identify obstacles like unhealthy beliefs that keep you from experiencing life well. They do this by asking guided questions and working with you to provide a game plan for the next right steps. In addition, they will help you identify goals, values, and a vision for your future.

Keep in mind that a life coach is not the same thing as a professional counselor. While some counselors are also trained as life coaches, a life coach should not be digging into past wounds and treating trauma or mental health issues. Many coaches are not trained to deal with trauma, abuse, addictions, or mental health concerns, but even if they are trained in these areas or licensed as a therapist if they operate as a coach, they should direct mental health concerns to someone else who is a licensed professional. A quality life coach will recognize the signs that further help is needed and let you know. If you’re unable to move forward with the guidance of a life coach, you may need additional assistance through counseling or therapy.

what does a life coach do

When to Seek a Life Coach:

Are you feeling stuck? Does it seem like what you’re doing now isn’t what you should be doing? Or want to? Do you want to move forward in an area of personal/spiritual growth? If so, consider a life coach. They will ask questions that help you gain clarity on vision, purpose, and goals while walking alongside you as you take steps forward.

Choose a life coach to help you work towards a goal, implement a vision, or seek improvement in an area of life.

If what’s preventing you from moving forward is rooted in more than a life coach can address, you may need to find a good Christian counselor instead, or in conjunction with a life coach.

How Life Coaching Works:

It is common to set up life coaching for a period of sessions or weeks, then re-evaluate if another period would be beneficial. Some life coaches offer ongoing support weekly or monthly. Some meet in person and some work through online video conferencing.

An initial 15 minute call with a potential life coach is helpful. It allows you an opportunity to ask questions and get a feel for compatibility.

Every life coach works a little differently, but all generally work towards helping you move towards a goal. If you’re not clear on what that goal is, a life coach will help you find out. Many offer discovery (or initial) consults for free to help you decide if working with them is a good fit.

What Life Coaching Can Do:

Life coaching can help you clarify goals, vision, gifts, and values that help you move forward. It can help you identify obstacles along the way. This level of awareness helps you make choices with new information.

Some Christian life coaches will rely on the Holy Spirit for guidance in addition to the training they’ve received in guiding you. They will use reflective questions to help you notice inconsistencies in values with actions, beliefs that do not line up with Scripture, and patterns that create resistance to healthier living.

What Life Coaching Cannot Do:

Life coaching is not designed to fix your life. Only God can do that with your participation. A quality Christian life coach will foster your growth with God so you can grow closer to Him and experience more of the peace, joy, and freedom He gives you.

A life coach is not a professional counselor. Though some counselors function as coaches depending on a client’s needs, a dedicated life coach is not trained to provide professional counseling services. They are not equipped (or ethically allowed) to treat mental health concerns

In addition, a life coach is not there to tell you how to live your life. They are a (usually short-term) help towards you leading the life God’s given you.

Ultimately, your life is your life, and only you can live it.

Pastors, teachers, coaches, and counselors can provide assistance and help you see what you cannot. You are still responsible for the choices you make.

God will be with you as you seek Him to lead you through every decision.