Hey you!

I’m so glad you’re here! I don’t think it’s an accident you stumbled onto this page today.

Maybe you’ve wondered how to live well as a Christian in this hard to live life.

  • You want to live by faith but struggle feeling weighed down by fears, doubts, anger, sadness, confusion, and sinful patterns.
  • You’re frustrated because you want more. You might even feel guilty for not knowing or doing better, because you believe you “should”.
  • You know you could experience more peace, joy, and freedom in Christ but you aren’t sure what it looks like or how to have it for yourself.

Maybe you wonder if it’s only for other people, but never really for you. (HINT: It’s not true.)

  • You wonder why you don’t have what others seem to have.
  • You’re tired of trying to make it all work out and make it all right.
  • You’re tired of feeling hurt, lonely, exhausted, beat up, burned up, and overwhelmed.
  • You’ve persevered through hard times.
  • You’ve dealt with some pretty tough things and maybe you’re going through them now.
  • You’ve felt alone in your struggles and want to know you aren’t.

You’re ready for more of God and more to life as a believer.

Maybe God’s been tugging on your heart already. He’s drawing you near. He’s opening your eyes to know more of Him and to trust Him in ways which may be scary and hard.

With great fervor or tiny steps of trepidation…

…you’re ready to live well no matter what your circumstances are.

Me too. I’m glad we can do this together.

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Friend, I stumble a lot, but I’m passionate about cultivating a life well-lived. Not a perfect life, but a life by God and for God.

I believe we can cultivate a life well-lived no matter what we’ve been through, what we’re going through, or what’s ahead of us.

In all honesty, I don’t always feel well about life. In fact I’ve dealt with anxiety, depression, grief, possible PTSD, disordered eating, self-harm, date rapes, and more.

Not typically the picture of a stellar Christian life is it? At least, not the way we tend to think of it.


Maybe it’s time we understood a new definition of living well.

Not based on how well we do, but on the Well of hope, truth, and living water which comes from God.

I want to see Christ followers rise up in their faith because God is more than our circumstances. No matter how bad our circumstances get, God never changes.

Cultivating a life well-lived means experiencing more of God and letting the experiences of God change us from the inside out.

It means being transformed into his image through the good and bad times, through the easy and the hard.

A life well-lived never denies emotions or the reality of struggles, yet it doesn’t stay stuck in negative patterns either.

As believers we do not need to live defeated by the enemy. We mustn’t. We must fight the enemy and rest in the God who already defeated Satan.

Let’s live well in the midst of every challenge because we have a God who gives life.

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We’ll pursue Christ in ways which go beyond surface level, short-term fixes. We’ll cultivate the things which bring lasting change as they help us become who we were designed to be.

I won’t tell you it will be easy. But I will say it is worth it.