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Jolene Underwood is an emotional health warrior and soul care mentor. She draws upon her personal journey towards emotional health, her psychology background, and passion for counseling to help others cultivate a life well-lived no matter the circumstance.
She offers practical and spiritual support for cultivating life within the Christian soul through her blog, social media, online courses, and tools.
One of her core resources is Unleash: Heart & Soul Care Sheets. Unleash is an effective tool designed to guide an individual through life challenges, inner-healing, spiritual growth, and life transformation. This tool provides a framework to engage with God and experience more His peace, joy, and freedom. The power isn’t in the tool itself. It’s in what happens between the user and God.
Unleash Sheets can be used in regular quiet time with the Lord, or it can be used to work through hard decisions and heart healing. It can also be used to enhance the user’s experience through a time of seeking professional counsel.
NOTE: Unleash Sheets is not a replacement to counseling or mentoring. Jolene is not a licensed counselor. She is an emotional health educator, coach, and soul care mentor.
In addition to her work on various topics related to emotional health and spiritual growth, Jolene also leads a community called Rise Up Writers. Rise Up Writers offers practical and spiritual care for the life of a Christian communicator.
Jolene believes that if we want to see change in the world around us, we must be willing to let God lead change within us.

She has experienced healing from various traumas and experiences. Through this intentional process, several years of seeking emotional health and growth, she has found greater peace, joy, and freedom as a Christian by cultivating a life well-lived and a soul well-nourished with the giver of life.

Some of her life experiences include disordered eating, self-harm, depression, signs of PTSD, acute anxiety, date rape, and date rape resulting in pregnancy. In addition, she has fostered thirteen children in a period of fifteen months in a very unique living situation where her family was responsible for up to twelve children at a time.

As such, she is able to speak on a number of topics which may be of interest to your group. She is particularly interested in topics revolving around emotional health & how it ties to spiritual growth, soul-level healing, looking beyond behavior & circumstances, and how knowing Christ more helps us to rest in being known by Him.

She is passionate about seeing growth in the lives of believers and seeing the body of believers provide better care for one another. She believes freedom can be found in the powerful work of Christ and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Jolene created a tool to assist individuals process life and life’s challenges, Unleash: Heart & Soul Care. Unleash Sheets can be used in regular quiet time with the Lord, or it can be used to work through hard decisions and heart healing. It can also be used to enhance the user’s experience through a time of seeking professional counsel.

If you are interested in having Jolene speak at your next event or lead your women’s retreat, please email your request to: jo@joleneunderwood.com

Unleash Retreat or Evening

Whether you have a small group gathering (local to the Austin, TX area) or are in charge of a weekend retreat, Jolene can come and lead a session or weekend of sessions centered around the Unleash Tool

Take time to draw near to God, learn to hear from Him, and experience God in a powerful way.

Finding the Courage to Face Fear & Live with Faith

Is fear holding you back from experiencing the peace, joy, and freedom Christ has for you? Jolene offers encouragement and heartfelt personal stories to share how you can move forward in your faith and break free from the fears holding you back from living with greater fullness because of Christ.

Keeping Yourself Refreshed in Christ

As Christians we often take on a lot of extra weight by trying to manage all of our external behaviors, and those of others. While outward management is vital in many ways, when it is done at the exclusion of internal transformation we’ll continue to experience limited results. Through the work of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, we’ll find our hearts refreshed from the inside out.

More topics coming soon in the areas of: emotional health, spiritual growth, freedom & healing in Christ, knowing Christ & being known by Christ in order to make Christ known, and more


Previous Engagements:

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Brave Women’s Conference: Living Room Sessions Leader : Brave to Take Care of Yourself – October 8th

Upcoming Engagements:

Soul Care Weekend Retreat – April 26th -27th


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