For as much passion as I pour into the belief there is always more peace, joy, and freedom to know in Christ, I also wholeheartedly believe in the value of finding healing for the whole person. This can look differently for different people and in different seasons.

While the care of our soul affects every area of how we live, there are sometimes physical barriers in our body which can make it harder to live unstuck or live well.

By choosing the whole of God and his way in our lives, and by considering the value of our selves as body and soul, we choose a wholeness perspective.

One thing I’ve learned over these last few years of personal healing and much study is how interconnected we are. Our body does not operate without being impacted by the efficacy of our brains. And the way we care for our body (including the physical care of the brain as an organ) affects how we think and live. Even our ability to think well.

When one part of our whole self suffers, all of our self suffers.

Kind of like the body of Christ. We are connected and interconnected even when we try not to be. We can’t ignore one part and expect the other won’t be affected.

Chose Wholeness

When a brain is dealing with emotional trauma or other impacts at a physiological level, pursuits of faith could still fall short in the ability to change a person’s life to where they can live well. Not because God is limited, but because our bodies are limited.

God chooses to see a whole person healed, not just the mind and heart. God created our whole selves and desires provision for the care of our whole selves.

While actively engaging in the healing process for the heart and soul, taking care of our physical being is also vitally important. Likewise in reverse. Both are challenging and some of us find one easier than the other.

My passion is in the area of heart and soul, yet I fully recognize the value of various methods which can provide healing in this ever-so-valuable organ of our body, our brain.


If it was our hand visibly shaking constantly and we couldn’t find a way to calm it into normality by speaking into it, we’d find a doctor or look for root causes. We wouldn’t tell our hand to calm down and expect immediate results. If our foot swelled with infection from an open wound, we wouldn’t tell it to get over itself. We’d do whatever it took to bring about healing.

Likewise, our bodies and souls are both in need of care. Our choice for wholeness takes every aspect into consideration.

Our thought life is incredibly linked to our physical well-being, and learning to renew our minds is not just a biblical principle, but a necessary component to a well-lived life. We can work on how we process thoughts by recognizing negative thinking patterns and replacing them with healthy, truth-based ones stead. This process can improve our ability to make hard choices, enjoy life, and grow as a believer.

Our brain regulates our body, including our emotions and overall well-being. It’s worth being cared for as a physiological component. Sometimes we need help outside of ourselves and outside of our faith ascents. What that looks like for each of us may look different.

Maybe it’s medication, which could be a short term jump start to help a person function well enough to do the heart work for soul healing.

Supplements for cognitive function have become a daily way of living for me. They’ve made a difference in my ability to manage emotional overload and think more clearly.

I have a confession though, physical exercise is still a struggle. I haven’t found a one-stop pill or fix-it-all to take away the action needed to build muscle strength, just like I haven’t found a one-stop shop for building soul strength. As much as I’d like to say it would be easier if I had an elliptical in my home, those weights sitting a few feet from me continue to collect dust. That yoga mat I bought looks far too pristine for the length of time it’s found residence in this home. But no, you can’t have them. I’m not ready to give up.

What’s hardest for you? Soul care? Physical care?

Care for the soul, by taking the time and effort to consider what’s going on internally? Seeking God and others for help and taking active steps to follow his lead in obedience?

Care for the physical body, by considering exercise, healthy eating, regular water consumption, rest, and maybe supplements and/or medication? Asking for help from someone else to keep you motivated?

We can work on one area and gain momentum to work in the other areas. Ultimately, it’s all connected. If we truly want to cultivate a life well-lived, we cannot say to the head you’re not as important as my hand, or to the heart, you’re not as important as my foot.

We serve a whole God who designed us as a whole person. His plan is wholly good.

We do not worship Father only, Son alone, or the Holy Spirit, we worship a triune God who is vast beyond

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Take Back Your Life – by Stephen Arteburn & David Stoop
Switch On Your Brain – by Dr. Caroline Leaf
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