31 Days to Believe

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October 2015 – What we believe impacts how we live.


In October 2015 we pursued hope & faith by considering what we believe, every day, for 31 days.  What we believe impacts how we live, and my hope for you and I, is that we would live well.

One of the things I believe in strongly is the power of Christ to transform our hearts, to bring about freedom and to lead us into the life He desires for us. Many times getting to a life well-lived means being willing to look deeper and invite the Spirit to work in us.  When we do, we will see beauty beyond what we could imagine.

His ways are always better than our ways.

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31 Days To Believe:

Day 1:    When You Want to Believe the Lies
Day 2:    When You Believe Fear is Better Than Faith
Day 3:    The Choices We Make From What We Believe
Day 4:    Lord, I Believe – Help My Unbelief {Sabbath Day Prayer}
Day 5:    Choose to Believe
Day 6:    The Biggest Lie I Did Believe
Day 7:    To Sing and Believe
Day 8:    When You Believe You Are Alone
Day 9:    When You Need to Believe in Hope
Day 10:  Believe in the Value of Imperfect Pastors
Day 11:  Believe in the Beauty of Sabbath Rest {No Post}
Day 12:  What Do We Believe About What We Can Do?
Day 13:  Believe in the Cornerstone
Day 14:  Believe with Tiny Faith
Day 15:  What We Believe Impacts How We Parent {GIVEAWAY w guest Susan Seay}
Day 16:  What If We Believed In Vulnerable Prayer?
Day 17:  Believe You Are Worthy
Day 18:  Believe in the Beauty of Sabbath Rest {No Post}
Day 19:  When It’s Hard to Believe You Are Worthy
Day 20:  The Power to Believe {Guest Post: Erica Jimenez}
Day 21:  When You Need to Believe Beyond Today
Day 22:  Who Do You Believe You Are?
Day 23:  Believe When God Says Go {Special Guest – Pt 1}
Day 24:  Believe God’s Plans are Bigger and Better {Special Guest – Pt 2}
Day 25:  Believe in the Beauty of Sabbath Rest {No Post}
Day 26:  Believe in Wonder
Day 27:  Believe Again
Day 28:  Beloved, Believe Within the Clouds {Guest: Amy Breitmann}
Day 29:  Believe in Emotional Authenticity
Day 30:  Believe Better Together
Day 31:  Believe Who You Are, Believe Whose You Are

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