I’ve often said that I write about pursuing hope & faith because I need it. It’s true, today just as much as any other.

Could it be that you, or someone you know, might need these messages too?

Because challenges are constant and we all need to know there’s hope beyond the hard of today.


When You Need to Believe Beyond Today #amwriting #31DaystoBelieve #write31days

May I share a secret with you?

Dear one, I can’t tell you how many days I’ve sat at my computer to write, with tears at the ready. Sometimes I have to take a break and just cry for awhile. Then I reach out to others whom I trust and ask them to pray for me, or with me.

I come back to the computer and write. When I take the time to edit, I find that I’ve used homonyms and completely different word choices than what my brain thought I would type. My mishaps indicate a need for continued healing because extreme stress affected me in more ways than one. I find it hard to think straight. Hard to remember a number of different things.

Just this week I mailed out a book to my giveaway winner. Unfortunately, she received my personal copy full of highlights & a personal prayer. Sigh. Thankfully, she was gracious and her unused copy is on its way now.

There are things in life which are just plain hard, and they don’t go away. Sometimes those things are not even just one thing, but one after another after another, and it seems that trials will never stop. You wonder if anyone else is living through the level of challenges you are.

“How could they,” you might say to yourself, “they’re all smiles, and lovely, and better composed than I am.”

But, the truth of the matter? We all face tough things at different times and in different ways. We never know what another is really experiencing. We don’t know what all they’ve been through.

You may think their life is easy, while you know have a mountain ahead of you. Or two. Or three. And when you turn around all you see are mountains. You can’t escape them and you feel powerless to overcome it all.

After you look around and wrestle with the feelings of hopelessness, it’s time to look up.

May I remind you, if you are in that place now, Jesus face is ready to be seen. He is there and you are not alone after all.

With His help, you might realize that the way your mountain moves is by walking through it, hand in hand with the only One who knows the way.

Wishing the hard things away doesn’t change a thing. But tackling it one step at at time means that one day you’ll look back and realize how far you’ve come.

You’ll see how many crevices you’ve straddled over, and how many sharp rocks almost took you down but only left you scarred and a little bruised. You’ll see how many rivers you’ve crossed and how many times the Lord parted the rapids for you, even though you didn’t know it then.

Looking behind reminds you of where you’ve been. It tells the stories. If you let it, your past becomes the instructor for your tomorrows.

And when you look back while resting with Jesus, you begin to see those harsh places in a new way. Rough edges soften, wild waters calm into quiet streams and your heart finds peace as Jesus brings healing to those crazy, hard paths of the past.

Then it’s time to look ahead even more than you looked behind, because His light is shining and carving new paths. It seems scary and surreal that you really have to keep going, but you move anyway. At times in inches, but still forward.

The Holy Spirit beckons you onward. You might do so with tears, like me, but in the process you’re healing. Restorations take place and Hope is ahead of you.

Light breaks with the mercies of each new day. His face smiles upon you as He calls you His own.

Friend, I need this reminder today. Is it just for me or is it for you too?

Large mountains loom, which seem insurmountable. I choose to hold on to the Hope in front of me, because He looks a whole lot like Jesus and He’s smiling with great love.

You, you are precious and deeply loved. Will you join me? Look beyond the circumstances of today and choose hope, because He’s always there.

#31DaystoBelieve #Write31DaysThank you for joining me in #31DaystoBelieve as we pursue what we believe and how it impacts our lives.
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