Do you remember the last time you couldn’t find your car keys? Or when you searched frantically for the phone that you just had a minute ago?

Some say it’s because we get older. Some say it’s hormones. Others blame forgetfulness on motherhood.   

It could be all of these.

But, what if it’s just us?  What if we just forget things?

Our minds become cluttered with many thoughts. At least mine does. One minute you are holding something precious in your hands and not thinking much about it. The next minute, your mind has moved on to something else.

Then you set it down: the keys, the phone, the important paperwork, the item you need to return to someone. It was important to you, but your thoughts weren’t focused on it. You didn’t need to think about it; that very important thing you needed was right there.

Without skipping a beat, your child calls out, the phone rings or you remember something you need to do, so you move on to the next thing. You don’t even realize that very soon, the item which you needed…won’t be found.

Sometimes, it seems joy is like that too.

One day, we are happy, smiling, encouraging others & feel lifted up. We’ve just been to church, read a great article, or listened to encouraging music. We feel positive and fabulous. Then something happens, and fear, anger, bitterness, anxiety, and some level of intense emotion come rolling to the forefront of our minds.

One minute, we are sure of something we have, and we respond positively. The next minute, our mind is distracted, we can’t find it, and we feel distraught.

We are forgetful.

Did that important thing we needed just disappear? No. It seems like it, but no. It still exists.

Did it become less capable of serving it’s purpose? No. The item itself hasn’t changed.

But, you can’t find it. And if you can’t find it, you can’t benefit from the purpose(s) it was designed for.

What happens then? Do we search and search? Do we ask others to help us find it? When it comes to our misplaced keys or phone, mostly likely the answer is yes. We will do what it takes to find our precious belonging.

What if it is our joy that seems misplaced? Or our happiness? The smiles we once had? Will we search, and search, and search some more? Will we ask for help? Or, will we deny that it can be found? Will we refuse to ask for help? Will we give up?

Dear one, let’s not give up looking OK?

Sometimes we could really use the help of an extra set of eyes for perspective. Sometimes we need a little encouragement to not give up the search. Sometimes, we need to be encouraging others in their search.

True joy and true happiness are not found in facades or platitudes. They are sought after, fought for, and lived with.

True joy is what we have as a believer because our hope is not based on our circumstances, but on the everlasting, victorious Redeemer whose future glories far outweigh the pains of today.

We can feel like joy is lost. In truth, it isn’t. For the believer, it hasn’t disappeared. It’s right where we need it to be. Sometimes, we just need a reminder of where to look.







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