I almost didn’t hit publish on my last post. Something about making the proclamation “You Are Worthy” was enough to stop me in my tracks for more than one reason.

Maybe it’s a little of that shame remnant which keeps begging the question, “Do you really believe that?” Because, as I’ve said before, shame doesn’t always go away so easily. In every fiber of shame’s deep roots is the lie which cuts humans in their deepest needs, to belong and to be loved.

I’ve been cut deep.

When Its Hard To Believe You Are Worthy #amwriting #31DaystoBelieve #write31days

Some days shame wants to strangle me all over again, and I have to fight. Are you there too, dear one? Do you need to fight?

It’s not so simple as looking in the mirror and telling yourself all the wonderful things about you, which is often touted as the cure all for building up one’s self-perception, or for becoming a more positive person. Tactics like this fall flat and eventually wear out.

Rather, it’s the messages of God’s heart for His creation which come in like soothing oil and balms the soul. It’s His Words of truth, His whispers which come through the Spirit as He speaks to the heart, and His presence experienced through intentional pursuits time and time again. These are the things that draw us into the heart of Father, where we come to know Him more and rest in being known by Him.

Accepted. Loved. Approved. Worthy.

This is how we fight the lies, by reminding ourselves of God’s truths and choosing to trust God, even when the removal of lies we’ve believed expose our naked self. Even if all we have now is tiny faith, yet we choose to put it in Him.

Because He is worthy. He is the source of worthiness and the one who puts worth on our lives.

Then we experience His love for us, personally. Intimately.

He is Worthy

I also hesitated a bit with yesterday’s post because there’s a part of me which knows another message as truer than true and it wrestles unnecessarily against the words I spoke of yesterday. Ironically, it’s the very message which says, God is worthy.

My childhood was filled with stories of Jesus and memorizations of scripture. I knew God was the one in whom I should trust. The only one worthy of full trust. Somehow, I falsely concluded, without even realizing it, that the best way to serve God was by trying my best to be as worthy as I could be. Classic good-girl syndrome.

At times, I wonder even now, “How can I say I am worthy when I know how worthy He is?” I shrink back. And that’s where the enemy has colored my lenses with shame even in the places of choosing good things, like serving God.

But there’s a better truth, and it’s becoming clearer now.

The greatest part about knowing we are worthy, in Christ, is knowing that we can’t lose our worthiness, because of Christ.

If Christ is truly all-sufficient, he is truly ALL sufficient. He either is or He isn’t.

If Christ is worthy, and He is, He is worthy.






Worthiness is not a trophy to earn. Worthiness covers and cloaks us because it is the very nature of Jesus, who was fully approved and fully accepted by His Father.

He is worthy.

It’s time to fight the enemy of our souls by choosing to believe He is worthy, and because we put our trust in Him, we are worthy.

PRAY WITH ME: I choose to cling, today, to my God who is worthy and rest in being considered worthy by Him. And when I don’t feel it Lord, comfort me and show me more of your great love. When I cannot even comprehend what it means to be worthy or feel worthy, grant me eyes to see more and ears to hear more of you so that I may experience and know you and your worthiness. Help me to believe you at your word Lord, that I am worthy because the Son who is fully worthy. Amen.

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