A lot of us are feeling sluggish, or struggling to feel motivated.

For some, the impact of isolation hits harder than ever.

Gaps in relational connection become more evident. Staying connected with those we have relationship with outside our homes takes a lot of effort and intentionality.

In homes, some deal with brokenness, disconnection, and painful experiences that exacerbate the mental and emotional toll common across the world these days.

What if a loved one says they’ve considered taking their own life?

How can you respond? What can you do? What shouldn’t you do?

what if you want to die

What if that person is you?

First, if it’s you, my heart aches for the pain you feel. It is terribly lonely to be in that dark place, especially when words haunt you and death seems to be the only way out.

What the enemy would love more than anything is for you to agree with his lies, meanwhile God’s arms for you are open wide. Ready to receive ALL of you.

God feels sadness for the pain you feel. With great compassion, He longs for you to know how vast His love is – FOR YOU. Yes, yes, you. You are beautiful in His sight.

Right where you are.

Your emotions are not too much for the God who created them and you.

May you feel seen today. May you be strengthened moment by moment to see new ways through.

Please don’t stay silent. It takes courage to reach out and bring light to those dark places of fear and loneliness. I see that courage in you.

Here’s a 24×7 hotline you can call if you need to talk to someone. Would you write this down and keep the number near you?



Suicide Prevention Lifeline Website

A few tips: 

  • Reach out. Let someone know. A friend. A family member. A support group. And/or the number above. Please don’t stay silent. By speaking it out loud and letting someone know where your thoughts are going, you might find the courage to make it through today. One day at a time.
  • Say your feelings out loud. Our brains have a natural way of reducing the intensity of strong emotions when we speak the emotions out loud.
  • Notice the thoughts you’re having. Get curious about them.
  • Ask a friend to help you consider the truth of your thoughts to help move past the temporary intensity.
  • Engage in an activity. Something you enjoy. It could be a walk. A puzzle.
  • Go outside or somewhere outdoors to get a different perspective.
  • Reach out. Please, please reach out and talk to someone. When we are alone with our thoughts and intense feelings, they can escalate.

NOTE: This is NOT PROFESSIONAL advice. Please consult a professional to get help ASAP. This information in no way constitutes personal counseling or medical advice for you or another person’s situation.

What if it’s Someone You Care About?

Maybe someone has confided in you before, or maybe they will in the future.

It may catch you off guard. It may be surprising.

Preparing in advance will help you respond calmly and compassionately, rather than react in ways that could shut them down further.

A few tips:

  • Their struggles are about them, not you, or the wisdom you bring.
  • Ask the Spirit to give you wisdom and guidance as you respond.
  • Don’t react with shock.
  • Don’t correct and give all kinds of reasons why they shouldn’t do what their planning to do.
  • CONNECT to where they are and what they experience.
  • Listen. Listen to the words. The story. The emotion. The experience they have.
  • Guide. Guide them to call the Suicide hotline, get further support, be prepared to call 911 if necessary. Guide them to experience love.
  • Learn about risk factors. Do they have a plan?
  • Don’t go it alone. Get support and care for you as well.

For more comprehensive help, check out the video linked below by Bob & Polly Hamp. You’ll need to register for a free account on TDACAD.

A Matter of Life & Death Video [Life & Life Abundantly]

After registering, go to the Library Topic: Life and Life Abundantly. It is the message titled, “A Matter of Life and Death.”



I hope these resources are helpful for you, friend. I’ll be sharing more resources and reviews on a number of topics related to emotional and mental health.

If you are struggling, I’d love to stand with you in prayer. Just email back and let me know.

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