Music moves me in ways I can’t describe. Maybe that’s the way it’s meant to be, a personal experience.

I don’t just listen to the words of songs. I inhale them, swallow them whole & cry out to the Father in the midst of them. I’d write about the way the words opened up my suffering & wooed me closer to the Father.

When I was a child, I listened as a child. Purely immaturely without any indication that the words had any meaning. So much so that I found myself just a little wide-eyed & halted when I changed the radio in the car one day (not too long ago) and started belting-out, My angel is a centerfold. 

Yeah, say what? Oops. No really…not.

Something about belting out lyrics with the mind and heart of {at least a bit more} maturity, well, it brings a whole new level of awareness. I don’t want to just sing for the the sake of singing. I want to worship. I want to rejoice. I want to have fun and enjoy life through words & music.

God created music & words. We have the opportunity to glorify Him with them.

Even if you’re loud singing needs to stay in the solitude of your car with no one nearby and the windows rolled up. Like me. Sing on, friend.

Not every song worth listening to is classified as worship or praise by the label makers, and some of those aren’t even worth it. Honestly, some unlabeled ones are amazing worship just the same.

I Will Wait, by Mumford & Sons is a great example. It’s in my list of favorite worship songs, even though it’s not classified as such.

As you listen, think of the Father in heaven who loves you, think of surrender, think of sweet freedom in that place…


Admittedly, songs like this can be a little harder to find at times, because as much as great music ministers to our hearts, words which counter the heart of God, the spirit of worship, or a life filled with surrender & praise lead hearts to destruction.

Music ministers or tears down.

Words minister or tear down.

Just as in all of life we are either moving towards health or destruction, the words & music we listen to can lead us towards one or the other.

Joy, freedom and life.


Pain, bitterness and death.

Today, how about words & music which bring life. Words & music which remind our hearts of what we believe in, or perhaps what we want to believe in.

Maybe you just want to want to believe, because you see other’s experiencing the freedom & joy in life which you long for.

It’s OK, no matter where you are, just come.

Our Father everlasting
The all creating One
God Almighty
Though your Holy Spirit
Conceiving Christ the Son
Jesus our Savior
I believe in God our Father
I believe in Christ the Son
I believe in the Holy Spirit
Our God is three in one
I believe in the resurrection
That we will rise again
For I believe in the name of Jesus
Our Judge and our Defender
Suffered and crucified
Forgiveness is in You
Descended into darkness
You rose in glorious life
Forever seated high
I believe in You
I believe You rose again
I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord
I believe in life eternal
I believe in the virgin birth
I believe in the saints’ communion
And in Your holy Church
I believe in the resurrection
When Jesus comes again
For I believe, in the name of Jesus

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with love,