God’s goodness is something I need to intentionally notice. It is something I need frequent reminders of. When I intentionally notice His present goodness, it speaks life into my heart and soul.

Friends, let’s remember this together. God’s goodness is constant even when, even if, even though, and even through…all of life’s challenges.

The problem is, we can’t always see God’s goodness. Yet, it is there.

Our eyes are often clouded. We are prone to see more of ourselves than of Him. At least, it’s true for me.

Because I’m challenged in the way I see things. I need eyes of faith; eyes that see beyond the clouds to His glory. How about you? 

Today, my faith is encouraged through the story of someone I don’t yet know. She is a young widow and mother of five young children because her husband, my cousin’s son, died suddenly a few weeks ago. As a result, this brave young mother and her children have no home or income. But they have faith.

Goodness of God Even When Death Comes to Your Door

Recently, she shared a status update that charged my heart with emotion. Her oldest was getting baptized, and the youngest had learned to laugh. She also proclaimed, “God is good. No matter what.”

In the midst of even though.

Tears come from the empathy for her pain. Joy fills the heart for the faith she walks in.

God is good no matter what.

He is good even if & even when the unthinkable happens. It is my prayer for you and I that through any trial or joy, we would be drawn closer into his embrace and strengthened through His grace.

By His grace, faith steps in when circumstances are anything but good. It leads us to a sure foundation in Him.

When we can’t see what’s ahead, we can still walk with courage, knowing there is a safe & sure place to land.

And so, just as we need reminders to look for His goodness, we need to live with faith eyes. We must trust the one who sees it all, even if our perception tells us something completely different. 

This young widow has faith. She can’t see how God will provide, but she trusts Him. Through God’s truths and His word her faith continues to grow even though.

I want that kind of faith. I want the kind of faith that brings healing and freedom even when and even if. We are a people who need that kind of faith.

Living with that kind of faith is intentional because it operates in the supernatural in ways we cannot see or understand.

When I started blogging, I was unsure what my focus would be. After much prayer, the Lord revealed “faith eyes” to me. It is now my handle for many social media accounts, and it suits me well. I wasn’t aware then of how much the word would mean to me and how much the Lord would be teaching me through this focus.

Maybe it’s not just for me? I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this. Stand with me to see more and more of His goodness?

Maybe you and I, could be strengthened and encouraged in our day-to-day circumstances by learning to live with faith eyes.

Even if. Even when. Even though. And even through…it all.

with love, JoleneSaveSave


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