This story chokes me up like crazy and it reminds me why God is giving me the word ‘Surrender’ for the year. Because when we release our idea of what must be God because it’s good, we find out how really good ideas can be when they are God’s.

Surrender Good for God

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In this year of Surrender, one of the first things I was called to actively let go of was another of my many dreams. Something which I knew was a good idea, the Acts 15 Team.

“So when they were sent off, they went down to Antioch, and having gathered the congregation together, they delivered the letter. And when they had read it, they rejoiced because of its encouragement.”
– Acts 15:30-31

The Acts 15 Team provided encouragement through snail mailed cards to faithful leaders of small ministry operations. This team grew with a number of the most beautiful hearts who gave of themselves in a small way by sharing words, art, scripture and prayer to others. Being able to watch this unfold was an honor I’ll not soon forget.

Cards for Lulu TreeGod used this team in ways which were quite different than I intended. What I still believe is a good idea, even a great one, wasn’t what God wanted me to continue with in this next season. To tell you the honest truth, it was hard to let go & my heart grew sad.

I love to give encouragement to others, especially those who are leading the charge to bring God’s light into the dark areas of this world. Leading Acts 15 felt more noble and sacrificial than some of my other pursuits, but I simply did not have a settling in my spirit that it was the work I was supposed to do.

As the Spirit continued to nudge my heart, I had to let it go. God had already begun transitioning my initial vision into something different. Something better, because the vision is all His in the first place.

The simple fact that God used my small steps of faithfulness through an incredibly tough emotional time, and that He has shaped it into something so beyond beautiful which is now happening across the nations – it humbles me immensely.

I’m in tears today. Really, really good tears. Because God is so much more than we make of Him and His ways really are so, so much greater.

Join me over at Lulu Tree today? I’m sharing how Acts 15 began and changed. Most importantly, you’ll find out how you can participate in the really good God thing which is continuing with women, men and children in Katwe, Uganda.

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