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I love the guidance that the Unleash project has given to my quiet time with the Lord.   It helps me to focus on how I am feeling, and what the scriptures that I am reading are speaking to me.  As a previous sporadic journaler at best, I find that I now look forward to my time with the Lord each day with this tool to guide my time and create a record of what I am learning.  Thanks Jolene! Dawn

The I’m feeling section was a real eye opener. The prayer and invitation was very helpful as I told Jesus I need his help and I need peace and comfort with this. I also prayed for him to let me know my part.  I have NEVER just sat there in silence. Several things came to me such as the words I am here, do not fear, I am with you, and a few more. Scripture focus was good ….hit home hard. I was able to give God my fears with this situation and gave God control of it. I put it in his hands. Praising Him made me feel peace and comfort which are the two exact things I was looking for.

Unleash has been such a pleasant and valuable addition to my daily studies. It has sparked new thoughts and helps me to dig deeper in ways I haven’t before.

Unleash has been such a pleasant and valuable addition to my daily studies. It has sparked new thoughts and helps me to dig deeper in ways I haven’t before.

As an advocate for mental health and soul care, I am indebted to Jolene Underwood for giving me a tool to use for my own personal use and as a small group leader. Today, if you find yourself struggling to process the heavy stuff of your life in light of who you are in Christ–this tool is a perfect fit for you. Be encouraged there is hope for you! – Renee Fisher, Author of 9 books, Coach, Consultant and Speaker, ReneeFisher.com Renee

I’ve been reading the Bible for decades. But when I read it in conjunction with Jolene Underwood’s Unleashed Sheets, I come expecting to read it in an entirely fresh way. By processing through what is happening in my current world, I am able to come to Scripture unburdened and with anticipation that the Holy Spirit will hear my needs and meet the in a way only He can do. – Jen Ferguson, The Knot Project: Tied by God, Untangled from the World Jen

I love Jolene Underwood’s Unleashed Sheets. They remind me to seek daily renewal with Him. They can be used for small group discussion as well as individual use. Her amazing word list assists me in getting in touch with my spiritual and emotional side and really examine the link between the two through God’s eyes. Shannon

I did it one day when I had several worries on my mind and I felt a overall feeling of anxiousness and worthlessness. It was a great tool to wade through the mess in my head and when I was done I felt as though the Lord and I had a ‘counseling’ session and came away, not with my circumstances any different than 30 minutes before, but I was changed. I loved your ‘Feelings’ word list. This was a thoughtful and necessary addition to your work, which will greatly aid those struggling to find that one, right word. Beautiful! Jessica

Unleashed by Jolene Underwood is an awesome tool for discovering your inner turmoils. We often think we dealt with the issue or problem but after using the worksheets I’ve discovered I’ve only tucked some away. Never dealt with it. Unleashed used daily or weekly can really set you free from your junk. Judy

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