There is something special about Sundays when you can take time to look back at the week behind you and look forward to the week ahead.  It is a time in between things in life where we pause & reflect on what The Lord is saying & showing to us. 
Today’s post is my snapshot of Sunday reflections.

Sometimes I am in the midst of studying something & drawn to a particular passage or concept.  Then I go to church and the pastor talks about the same topic. Have you ever noticed that? Kind of like when you learn a new word and suddenly you notice that word everywhere. Know what I mean?

Recently there have been a couple of times where I posted a scripture to share on Facebook & Twitter prior to attending church.  Then, during the sermon I realized that the message preached was very much in line with the scripture on my heart that morning.  I love that! I love it when God shows you something more than once.

The scripture I shared today was from Romans 14:1.

As for the one who is week in faith, welcome him,
but not to quarrel over opinions.

Our sermon series has been on The Transparent Church.  Today, Pastor Morgan spoke about clashing cultures such as the Jews & Gentiles in the Bible as well as the many clashing cultures of today.

Much of the sermon was focused on who we are as Christ followers first, then everything else. The premise for me tied into this verse because the following verses in Romans talk about this very thing. There were clashing cultures and clashing beliefs that weren’t central to the authority of Christ and Paul was urging the Romans to remember this: 

For none of us lives to himself, and none of us dies to himself.
For if we live, we live to The Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord.
So then, whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord’s.
– Romans 14: 7-8 {ESV}

As always, it was a great sermon. I highly recommend checking out his new blog: The Transparent Church as well as the audio sermons. His wife’s blog is pretty amazing too. (Carrie’s Burnt Toast). 
Prior to the sermon I was thoroughly enjoying our time of worship. We have a pretty amazing team with great musical talent to lead us every Sunday. I’m very grateful for this. 
During this time, as is too often the case, my mind admittedly began to wander. Our worship leader encouraged us all to take part in giving up any boasting of ourselves as we carried on singing the next verses. We were encouraged to give Him all the praise & glory. So, I tried, then immediately my mind began to wander back to thoughts on myself. Does this plague anyone else? I was all in worship mode, then suddenly stuck on myself. 
In the ever present temptation to second guess my own heart & actions I started to wonder about my last blog post, When yes feels big. I truly hope that this post does not come across as if I think I’m anything great because of what we said yes to. I frequently overthink & second guess. Mostly because I want to represent Christ well. 
Did I portray what I wanted in the last post? Is the focus on how big God is? Did it sound like I was boasting?

I reassured myself that there was much more to come in the follow-up posts. Hopefully it will all come together & God’s message will work its way through my flurry of thoughts. Then I spent several great moments soaking in the glory of God and asking Him to speak to me, about whatever. 
Soon, my 12 year old daughter was kind of hugging me even more. This isn’t all that unusual because she is a hugger. Something was on her mind though. She started to whisper to me. 
“Mom, can you help me do something?” 
“Sure honey. What is it?” 
“I want to pray for her.” She pointed to the lady in front of us, a faithful attendee who is also the oldest member of the congregation. 
We went to the next row and I could feel her trembling heart. She was terrified but compelled. I knew the feeling well. 
This older woman had recently had surgery & my daughter prayed her heart out for this woman. I’m not sure how much of it the woman could hear, but she was gracious. 
Then we went back to our row and my daughter held my arms so tightly. Tears were falling steadily. She was pretty shaken up. When it was time to leave for the youth class she stayed for awhile longer to allow her emotions to calm down.
My heart knows so well what she just walked through. God had told her to pray for this woman and she had to do it. Even though she was terrified, she said yes. 
In her heart she knew she HAD to say yes, and it felt really, really big and really, really scary. 
I cried too. Tears of joy at seeing my daughter be moved by the spirit in such a way. Tears of joy at witnessing someone saying yes in a way that seemed so very big. Tears of thankfulness for being reminded of what God told me as I wrote the last post.

When we say yes to God out of obedience to His leading it is big & it shows us more of how big our God is. 

It stretches us, it grows us and it draws us nearer to Him. 
All I can say now is, thank you Father.  May our every yes be for your glory.


By the way, I don’t even know where this series {On saying yes} is going to take me or how long it will run.  It’s in God’s hands.

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