We’re back! Our little podcast is back for episode two. Join my wise and wonderful friend Susan Seay as we take turns introducing one another and exploring how we pursue the intentional life.

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This is real life folks. Two women who love to visit with each other are learning the ropes of technology and podcasting. Please bear with me as this podcast had to be split into two files for you.

Also, note that there may be two options for listening found in this post. If both work for you, great! Hopefully, at least one does.

Who knows, if we keep going, perhaps will make this not-really-a-podcast more official some day in the future. In the meantime, I hope these episodes bless you right here. Right now.

PART ONE: (Click here for Part Two)

Show Notes:

  • How are they each pursuing the intentional life
  • Learn the unique calling on each of their lives
  • We each have a unique call, a unique way to authentically to share our gifts with the world.
  • How can you be inspired to live more true to your unique way?
  • There’s such pressure on finding your purpose.
  • Jolene and Susan share encouragement for those who are struggling to discover their purpose.

Meet Jolene – JoleneUnderwood.com

Jolene seeks to pursue hope and faith beyond today by cultivating matters of the heart and souls so you can live well, no matter what. She does this through her blog, through Rise Up Writers and through her upcoming project, Unleash: Heart & Soul Care.

Are you called to write? – Jolene has a special place for you. Whether it’s a book, spoken word, music, screenplays, poetry- and form of writing. Don’t do it in isolation. Connect with Jolene and the community she is creating.

Meet Susan  – SusanSeay.com

The heart of her work is connecting with moms.
If you’re a mom who could use some encouragement be sure to connect with her.

Ever heard of Mom’s Night Out Online? – It’s a monthly gathering of moms. There’s a theme each month, a short Mentoring time followed by open sharing from moms on the call. Learn more about it by visiting her website. Make plans to join Susan for one of her upcoming calls. To be notified of the details – leave your name and email at SusanSeay.com.

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