Father God,

We’re in battle. This battle is one you’re intimately familiar with and one you’ve fought. The enemy seeks to destroy us through every avenue. Through the good things we experience and the bad. Somehow he finds a way to get us feeling weak, disoriented, and maybe even a little crazy at times.

Our sinful ways rise up and we become bitter, resentful, unforgiving, discouraged, and disillusioned.

Forgive us. Help us to recognize where we’re living from our fleshly desires and need to let your Spirit lead. May it be so in every moment.

We’re weary, Lord. We don’t want to be.

We want resolutions. We also want to trust you for resolutions.

Our weakened flesh needs a fresh reminder of your strength and grace with us in every moment. Our blind eyes need to see you here again. We need to remember that you are fighting on our behalf. We need to remember to ask for what we need because though you already know, you delight to give the desires of our heart.

May our desires line up with yours. May they go beyond limited human vision into supernatural provision. May they be about you and your will for us, which is always good. We will remind ourselves it is so. Even when it doesn’t feel so good.

A Prayer for When the Days-Are-Hard

Hurt, fear, disappointment, and anger come in like claws ripping away at the confidence we think we have in our hearts. Lord, help us to be more resilient. More full of you because you are the confidence we put our hope in. Help us to know you more.

When things don’t go the way we want them to, and oh, Lord, how we want them to, give us courage to trust you still.

Even when the things we want seem to be the things which you want, we must still trust you. We are not in control. We choose to remember this and surrender our fears. Those fears keep coming up every time we can’t make something happen the way we want or in the time frame we want it.

You give our every breath. You designed our every cell. You not only knit us together with physical form but you form our spirits. Help us yield to your forming no matter how painful it might be. May we be softened in heart to receive from you.

May we receive both conviction which leads us to repentance as well as comfort which provides nurturing care.

May we be encouraged to keep going one day and one step at a time with our eyes looking to you and not the path under our feet which seems to be crumbling.

When others don’t understand, still may we seek you.

When others aren’t there for us, still may we seek you.

When others come against us, still may we seek you.

You are the one voice and the one source of truth whom we must always turn to. May we know your voice and your truth more and more. May we desire it greatly in every moment of our lives.

May our ordinary days not lull us to sleep. May our extraordinary days not take us off course.

May we center our will, our hopes, our dreams, and our faith on you. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Thank you for who you are. Thank you for loving us with overflowing passion. Thank you for tending to our hearts. Thank you for all you do to bring us back to your heart.

Though today is hard, yet, I will put my hope in you. Yet, will I praise you.

You alone are worthy.



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