God’s been repealing pride and revealing brokenness and it hurts like heck. I’ve raged. I’ve sobbed. I’ve let Him keep digging because the work He does is always good.

When circumstances seem to happen to you, it’s easy to assume the other is the greatest offender. In this place, hurt compounds and a victim position locks in place.

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Right here, God stops me in tracks of self-fueled righteousness. Regardless of sin against me, I am only sinless in God’s eyes because of Christ. I am not without sin. I need Jesus more and more as my sin becomes more apparent. It’s a sweet contradiction of growth and strength in the places of feeling most weak.

repealing pride

Breaking through pride comes through humility. Yet humility isn’t enabling or acquiescence to man’s sinful expectations. This is a hard thing to untie, because we sometimes think of humility as denying ourselves of value while laying our lives down for others. So I seek God’s unraveling, even when the process hurts.

The outcome of enduring transformation is always worth short-term tribulation as pride breaks away.

Today, I hear a fill in the blank proposal. For me. Maybe for you too.

Repeat this. If you’re willing, do so out loud before God even though He knows.

“I have sinned.”

I sense the need to keep going. Take this sentence further. Get more specific.

Repeat this with me, then complete it personally where the Spirit convicts.

“I have sinned by _________________.”

God reminds us of His love while calling our hearts towards worship and surrender. When we lay down the truth of our sinfulness and pride, we find courage and suppleness.

Pride ripped of its stronghold brings raw, tender vulnerability. God’s forgiveness soothes and heals, making things new.

Y’all, it’s Ok to grieve and wrestle through the pain of transformation. Allow it to happen if you want to see more of God. When we pull away from the hard heart work, we pull away from the comfort and glory of God.

In every step of surrender and change, God’s ever present love is available in heaping doses. May your heart receive a soothing portion today.

Step into brave surrender.

with love,
your fellow sojourner



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