How to Move Forward in Faith

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Y’all, can I just say? God’s timing is sometimes crazy hard while still unbelievably good.

A few weeks back I put down on paper a few thoughts about this topic, about how to move forward in faith when fear cripples. At the time, I had no idea God was going to open the door for me to finish those thoughts just when I was needed it most. He allowed me to be in the throes of facing fear myself so I could remember what it’s like to walk forward in faith with Him.

You see, fear hits all of us at some point. We never get away from it completely. As I’ve said before, we can’t run from fear, we need to face it. We need to know the power of God to guide us through it. It’s available to all believers, each and every single day. Do you believe?

When we face fear with the courage of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, we find our faith growing.


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How to Move Forward in Faith When Fear Cripples

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