Lord, I come to you like the father with his son whom the demons were tormenting. {Mark 9: 14-29} I cry out, Lord I believe. Help my unbelief.

Lord I Believe Help My Unbelief #31daystobelieve #write31days

I want to stand firm on the belief that you are able to do the hard things. Not only able, but beyond able. Your power is greater than I can imagine, yet often I make you too small in my mind.

I cannot fathom how a God who created the universe can attend to all the details of every life. I tend to think my life shouldn’t matter enough, that you are too busy, and that your help would be better served elsewhere. You have shown me that is a lie. You have shown me that not only are you good, and that you are so very powerful but that are you so very caring. You care about my emotions; my sadness and my gladness.

You call me into fellowship with you on a daily basis. You draw me near even when the violent waves want to draw me away.

You say to my heart,

“Come near, my child. I have never left you and never will. I am for you. I am the one you need. Today, tomorrow and always. When you have need for strength, I am here. When you feel it’s all too hard, I am near. When you wonder where I am, my arms stretch open waiting for you to seek me, for I will be found.”

How can this be? How can you love each one of us so? Will my mind ever stay on you and not return to the way of self? For you God, you have shown yourself faithful over the centuries. You have shown steadfast love even to generations of those who hated you.

When the demons torment me with lies and accusations, there is great power in your name, in your holy presence which bids them to recoil. Oh, how I have given them place to keep on talking as I entertained those lies over and over again. How I’ve wallowed in pain and self-pity rather than telling them it’s time to go now.

No more Lord. You are my rock. Plant my feet firmly there.

All too often I find myself wanting to believe with all my heart, and falling short because, even yet, there is some part of me which does not believe. In your power. In your ability. In your love.

In my unbelief, give me faith. In the areas where I am unaware of my unbelief, give me faith. Draw me near. Help me to hear.

Your grace finds me time and time again. Your mercy falls anew day after day.

For what do I have to be ashamed Lord? I am yours. Forevermore.

And you are mine.


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