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If we were to meet in real life, I’d ask you how you are. You might answer “fine”, as we are prone to do. I’d want to know, “How are you, really?”

Maybe you’ve felt that tug on your heart which says,

“Isn’t there more to this Christian life?”
“Shouldn’t life be easier and better than it is because I’m a Christian?”

But then, maybe you feel guilt or condemnation for the fears, doubts, anger, or sadness you feel.

Life as a Christ follower isn’t what you thought it be.

  • Self help mantra’s aren’t sufficing.
  • Scripture memorization isn’t enough.
  • No amount of self-talk ever seems to change the unrest inside of you.
  • All the promises of wealth and prosperity fall short in their ability to provide a sense of real security and hope everlasting.
  • No matter how hard you try, it never seems to be enough.

You know there must be a better way to experience the Christian life while living through real challenges of all kinds.

Maybe you’re disappointed with the way life has turned out. You want more, but don’t know where to turn, or what more even looks like.

I’d love to join you in that journey.

On this blog you’ll find help and hope for living with transforming faith. I’m not always great at living by faith, but I’m desperate for the one who sustains and grows my faith.

Our war is against the adversary of God and the enemy of our souls. We are given what we need to fight this enemy, but we must find it in God and rely heavily upon what He provides over what we try to provide on our own.

You and I, we can cultivate a life well-lived by seeking more of God in our every day lives. May His Spirit transform us daily into more of who we are called to be. May the result be a life which reflects more of God to the world around us.

When God works powerfully in us, He can work powerfully through us.

Want to connect further? Could you use a little help and encouragement along this crazy journey?

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