This post is one of several written in the early years of healing post serving as foster parents. They include broken thinking and a fight to survive as well as a desperate clinging to the hope only God can give.

Lyrics from a song on the radio.

“When you don’t know what to say, just say Jesus”

My heart sighs. Memories flood in.

A young girl terrified in the middle of the night. Hearing from God and calling out. Young children and foster children, shaking in fear, being told to call out. Hesitating. Calling out. Being comforted.

“There is power in the name.”

Fear is vanquished and comfort floods in when the peaceful presence of the great I AM is called upon, and trusted in.

This young girl, me, woke trembling on several occasions from young childhood through to young womanhood and even now at times.  At some point, The Lord said, “Call out to me. Call on my name. Trust in Me.”

I did. I called on his name. As a whisper at first. Then louder. Then more boldly. The fear dissipated and I felt the presence of his peace covering  and filling the room.  Not because I called on his name as a magical incantation but because at the name of Jesus every knee, every power under heaven, will bow.  His name is mighty.  His being is beyond understanding.

In calling on the name of Jesus in the midst of my fears, I am also trusting Him. I am believing that He is more mighty than my fears. I am turning my thoughts towards the one who loves and cherishes me. Towards the one who suffered on my behalf to the point of death! He cares enough to be there when I call upon him.

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These young children were scared for different reasons. I believe at the heart of all of those reasons was their need to seek the same master who leads me and comforts me. When they have been scared I hugged them, prayed with them and gave them a mama’s comfort.

They need more than I can give. I have my role as mom, but they need more than that. My foster son especially needed more as he has lived in anxiety, sadness and fear to the point where it took him months to even receive any comfort from me.

What could I give them that would last beyond me? What would be stronger and more reliable than me?

I give them Jesus. I tell them,

When you are afraid, call on Jesus. He is mighty and his name is powerful. He is ALWAYS with you and will NEVER leave you.  EVERY where you go, no matter where that is, Jesus is the one you can count on and the one you can call on. Call on Him!

Then I have prayed with my children to teach them what it means to call out to Jesus and to ask for His help. I have purposed to teach them that there is One who knows them so well because He made them for mighty purposes.  That the fears they have, and in some cases the situations they have been in, were not things that He desires for them, but that they can always seek Him.

No matter where we are, no matter what the situation is, no matter the lack of words we have in the moment, we can be comforted as we trust in the great I AM, as we call on his name.

Really, it is much, much more than just saying a word. It is a call of trust. It is a call of surrender as we give over our fears to receive the peace of something, someone, greater. It is something I need to remind myself of.

When you don’t know what else to do, or what to say, it is a good start. A powerful start.

Just say Jesus.

Philippians 2:10, John 10: 11-15, John 18: 5-6, Exodus 3: 6, 13-14

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