Ever wished someone could mentor you as a writer and online content creator?

Or perhaps you’re not a writer, but you still want a mentor who can help you through your personal journey of healing and growth, emotionally and spiritually?

Do you wish you could receive coaching to help you experience more of God’s peace, joy, and freedom in the life you’ve been given?

If so, my new intern program may be for you!

You don’t have to be a writer or speaker to participate, although the program may be more beneficial if you are.

I’m looking for self-starting, motivated individuals, who have a passion for God, for emotional and spiritual growth, and for freedom.

If you love God, love others, want to grow personally, are interested in being part of a team that helps others grow too, and are willing to learn or self-learn along the way, I’d love to have you!


Roles & Qualifications

Assistant: This role may include other roles listed here, and other tasks, depending on qualifications and needs. Details on what is required are still to be determined. May include writing and sending emails, managing inboxes, contacting contributing writers, setting up events, and utilizing various social media platforms. Could include book keeping as well.Blog Manager: Qualified candidates will be able to use DIVI or Extra Theme (DIVI based), or willing to learn. This person would be build pages, add widgets as necessary, fix broken links, review the site for efficiency, work with contributing writers, and schedule blog content.
Facebook Manager: Moderate various groups. Schedule content sharing and creation. Engage in pages and groups.Twitter Manager: (for Rise Up Writers only) Engage with others. Share content. Retweet. Comment. Ask questions and share tidbits from RUW. This will require engagement in RUW community and receiving the newsletter. Use content created elsewhere to create content for Twitter.
Instagram Manager: Create graphics. Schedule content. Plan content in part or in whole. Engage with others. Assist with content creation and management for two-three accounts.Pinterest Manager: Create pins for new posts and old posts. Use Tailwind to share content and engage with tribes for two accounts.
Video Content Development & Editor: Edit video content as needed. Upload to YouTube and IG channel with descriptions. Research key words and hashtags as appropriate. Learn best practices. Must have access to video editing software.Podcast Editor: (future role) Edit podcast audios, add intro and outro, submit for publication, write transcripts or show notes. NOTE: The podcast(s) are on hold currently. With help, they should begin in 2020.


Willingness to learn new apps and be self-taught as much as possible.
If stuck, or in need of help to get started, Jolene will assist. Please consider what you can learn on your own through online support resources.
Pay attention to content created elsewhere that may need to be shared in managed area.
Communicate with Jolene and team as needed via tools and communication means that may include: Trello, CoSchedule, ClickUp, DesignBold, Voxer, Marco Polo, Zoom, and others.Support the vision of Jolene Underwood’s work through A Cultivated Life, Rise Up Writers, Unleash, and more.
10 Hours Work per MonthOne Year Commitment Requested
*not required, but beneficial, is the regular use of Unleash Sheets for personal growth and to be familiar with the core product sold by Jolene*not required, but appreciated, is personal sharing of content with personal and business connections, if it resonates and is appropriate


1 Hour Coaching Call with Jolene per MonthFREE Access to Unleash: Heart & Soul Care Sheets
1 Hour Team Video Call (Quarterly on a Monday evening) with opportunity to ask questions and give updatesOpportunity to share ideas, give feedback, and have an influence on future content
Learn as you go, with guidance and support from a licensed Life Breakthrough coach and experienced writerGrow as a team. The nature of the team may lend itself to a mastermind group of its own
Get access to behind-the-scenes activityAccess to Jolene via Voxer, Email, and/or Marco Polo

Submit Your Application

If this opportunity is of interest to you, please fill out the application through the link below.

Deadline to apply is December 10th.

Candidates will be notified by December 15th.

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