Y’all, I’m a little shaky here. Excited and nervous all at the same time because my good friend, Susan Seay, has agreed to take a wild adventure with me. We’re both not sure how long this will last or what form it will take in the future, but we’re incredibly excited to take these steps together.

Our early thoughts morphed into something more complicated than either of us were ready to commit to, so we stepped back and said, “Hey, let’s move forward. Simply. Instead of a fancy, full-on podcast which requires a steep head dive, let’s take one step. Let’s keep it simple and see what God does with it.”

So, here we are. Issuing Episode One of our new not-a-formal-podcast podcast. This goes against the grain from what the experts say to do. For me it means a test of trust, because I’m not getting everything put together just the way I think it should be before I start. I’m letting go of those extra things and choosing fun and freedom. And, as Lara Casey says, “Progress, Not perfection.”

Pursuing the Intentional Life


Our first episode kind of just starts. Yeah, y’all, this is not your typical podcast. We went through so many attempts to get audio to work on both of our ends that by the time it worked we just jumped into it! Maybe we’ll add intro music in the future and that would be pretty fun too. For now, I hope you’ll pardon the immediate lunge into our excitement.

Maybe next time we’ll provide a bit more of an introduction by sharing who we are, how we met and why we decided to record our conversations and share them with others.

For now, we’ve begun. Simply. Because as Susan is sharing with moms this month, to simplify is a beautiful thing. See why I need a friend like her in my life? I tend to overthink and complicate while she helps me simply and streamline my thoughts. You’re going to love meeting Susan! For more on who she is and where you can find her, please check our her bio below the show notes.


Show Notes for Pursuing the Intentional Life: Episode 1

  • And…we have audio!
  • The gift of written/spoken prayers
  • How rising up with our words impacts others
  • God’s redemptive thread in our stories
  • How our past & our losses can lead us on a hope filled path
  • To know God vs to know of God
  • Facing hardships & trials
  • Seeing the face of God in the middle of our circumstances

* There are two options for listening in this post. While one may or may not work for you, hopefully the other will. As we get rolling, I’ll sure I’ll learn more and improve this in the future. Thank you for your patience.

Susan Seay

Susan Seay #mentor4moms

Meet my long-time friend and a valued partner in this marathon we call life, Susan Seay. Susan inspires and challenges others while ushering in a breath of fresh air and a renewal of spirit for mom’s everywhere. She is a home schooling mother of seven who has learned how to live intentionally in such a way that life is less stressful and more full.

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