I once heard a preacher say that God’s not concerned with the little things.

Surprised, I listened carefully.

He went on to speak of times when we tend to ask God about every detail & wait for his clear answer. We end up indecisive when God is OK with either decision. Right or left, we ask. God says yes and smiles, waiting for us to act upon the knowledge we already have.

And then there’s this other scenario; maybe you are familiar with it? A group gathers for prayer and someone requests something that seems incredibly trivial.  You want me to pray because you got a paper cut? Um…

Yeah, I’d tend to agree. Do we really need to bring these things to the Lord in prayer? Or do we simply need to act?

Yet, what stuck with me was my gut reaction, “WHAT?! He cares about all of it!” For weeks I had this little questioning God scenario going on, “Don’t you?”

Somewhere deeper inside of me was this wrestling {in my knower} to really believe how much God loves me, cares about me and loves to be with me. I wrestle because He is God and I am not. How do I fit into this picture? A scale too large to comprehend.

Then he gives me another glimpse. He shows up in those moments that catch you off-guard. You are laughing before you realize He’s smiling. 

Sitting in the parking lot, just about to drive to my next location, I considered staying put for a little longer. The radio begins, and the thought begins to form. “I’d love to hear…” And then it plays. My current favorite upbeat song is “Greater” by MercyMe.

“Ok, yeah, Lord. Let’s jam!” So I do. As loud as possible.

Later, I’m still in the car, and my daughter is with me. I want to hear the song again. If I do, it will necessitate full volume. FULL volume.

She won’t be pleased.

“God,” I ask in the busy places of my mind, “wouldn’t it be neat if you played that song after I drop her off? We can jam again. Just me and you in the car.”

She got out, and the response was instant.

Volume up. {Why can’t it be louder?}

Me & God are jammin’ together. Twice in one day.

And I delight in this. He knows and he delights to share these moments of laughter with me.

His love so great as He displays Himself in the little things. 

His grandeur so magnificent it cannot be contained in the mundane.

His love felt over me as I delight in Him, in the little things.

Maybe God doesn’t want us to wait for Him to give us clarity on every little thing, but I found God in the little things of life.

with love, Jolene

This post is one of several written in the early years of healing after serving as foster parents. They include broken thinking, rambling thoughts, a fight to survive, and a desperate clinging to the hope only God can give. I pray God uses my story to encourage those in the midst of the battle. You have God with you even now.



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