I'm Asking for Help and Here's Why

I frequently hear from Christians who struggle knowing what to do next. They want to do well. They want to serve, to love, and live well, but they don’t know how to move forward in circumstances that are tough, tiring, and confusing.

When life doesn’t go well, they become depleted, discouraged, and defeated.

Prayer isn’t enough. They might pray a lot, but circumstances are overwhelming and spiritual guidance seems confusing. They need help. It’s hard to ask for, it’s hard to receive, and it’s hard to sort through.

All too often, they feel a burden to DO better and BE better without knowing how to actually FEEL or LIVE better.

When I say better, I don’t mean it in the sense of self-fulfillment and self-reliance. I mean it with a proper value for self that is not more or less than given by God. I mean better because God came to set captives free and to provide life. Many of us aren’t experiencing it.

We are missing out on the life He died to give. Not just eternal life, but access to the source of life for today too.

My goal is to help believers take steps towards emotional health and spiritual growth so that they can experience more of God and more of the beautiful life we can live because of God.

It’s a daunting space to be in at times, but I love it.

Seeing Christians walk in greater peace, joy, and freedom makes my soul sing.

Asking for Help Here's Why

The Kind of Help I Bring

I love using my background in psychology, my continued studies in Christian counseling, and a realm of personal experiences that include trauma, disorder, and healing.

This combination drives me to create content that meets Christ followers where they are. It encourages them to take steps of growth.

To do so, I create content that offers practical support in alignment with scriptural premises.

We need scripture for our souls. We also need to know how to experience the kind of life and freedom scripture talks about.

Courses, Tools, Teachings

I’m in the process of creating tools like, Unleash: Heart & Soul Care Sheets. These sheets are a core tool individuals can use to process life’s challenges with God. To learn how to hear God’s voice and make choices to respond to what they hear. This tool is helps identify thoughts, getting honest with God, naming feelings, and so much more. There are many ways to use this tool for emotional healing, spiritual revealing, and soul transforming.

I want to enhance this resource with additional courses and and tools so Christians can take their journey a step further and gain more clarity.

Specifically, I’d like to create content that helps Christians identify and experience healing in the areas of: unhealthy beliefs, unhealed hurts, unexpressed emotions, and unconfessed sins. This may be through tools, blog posts, guest articles, videos, courses, and (someday) a podcast.

Topics include: codependency, healing, healing from trauma, boundaries, healthy value that is humble yet bold and courageous, identifying obstacles to growth, how we stay stuck via denial and other means, dealing with anxiety, hyper-spirituality, recovery work, soul work, how to experience peace, how to live free, and much more.

Many of these topics are areas that might be covered in counseling but not everyone is able to or ready to receive counseling services.

But, I can’t do it without help.

Equipping Christian Communicators

I also serve a fantastic community of writers called Rise Up Writers. We have a new site and new direction. It’s super exciting to offer content via multiple contributors. (hopefully, coming soon.)

The fantastic people in this community (also on Facebook) persevere to serve in unique ways. They minister to people with Bible study help, devotions, and help for people dealing various challenges like special-needs children, heart-healing, dealing with chronic pain, and more. Some write fiction or poetry. Some are speakers.

I love bringing them together in ways they couldn’t do on their own.

But, I can’t do it without help.

The Kind of Help I Need

I’m in a stage of transition. I need to hire at least one, preferably two, virtual assistants to free me up to create the content people are looking for and in need of.

The kind of content that helps Christians take hard steps to experience greater peace, joy, and freedom.

I also need to pay for tools to help get the word out and manage content.

What most people don’t know is that I invest more financially than I receive, every month.

PLUS – I work at this full time without any income. 😳🙄 {GULP}

I can’t continue this way.

Please know, this is not a complaint. It’s a statement of real limitations.

While I love what I’m doing, and I believe God created me to do this work, there’s a real need that must be faced.

To be honest, I don’t want to face it. I want to just wait for God to somehow intervene and provide because He knows the need.

But, you know what?

That actually goes against something I believe about the way God works.

I believe prayer is powerful, critical, and vital in our lives. I also believe that we can become victims of circumstance by praying and expecting God to do all the work on our behalf.

Instead, let’s pray then obey. Let’s learn to listen. Then step forward in faith. In this we experience the kind of struggle that fosters healthy growth.

With deep breaths, I am praying and I am asking.

Would You Help Me Help Others?

Would you consider a one-time or ongoing financial contribution to help me through this hump?

Support can be sent as a gift via PayPal to support@joleneunderwood.com
I need your help so I can create content that helps others.

It’s so very hard to ask, y’all. It’s taken me weeks to put this out there with words.

But the reality is, I believe I’m supposed to ask.

The financial reality is a need for 6-12 months of finances which could be from $1500-$4000.

When we don’t ask, people won’t know and we can’t get the help needed.

If you believe in the work I’m doing, and you can support in some way, I would so greatly appreciate it.

This work needs you.

I need you.

Send a financial gift via PayPal to support @joleneunderwood.com
Contributions may also be mailed to: Jolene Underwood PO Box 1670 Pflugerville, TX 78691-1670
Dear one, if you’re in need of help, please remember that your unmet needs are not unseen.

May you have the courage to ask for help where needed.

May you rise and take steps that help you live forward, one day at a time.

If I can pray for you, please email me and let me know.

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