For the sake of this article, when I refer to the church I am referring to a broad spectrum of Christ-following believers committed to a local body that meets regularly.

When God leads us to a community that is perplexing and imperfect, like a local church, we are faced with many choices. We can learn and grow alongside other imperfect people or we can run and flee at the first sign of conflict.

At some point, if we belong to a church we will find ourselves among unhealthy members.

It’s one thing to experience disappointment in a style of worship or the activities a church does or not do. It’s another thing to experience the often frustrating messiness of working out our faith in a messy church together.

Healthy church member

Many of us attend churches that have unhealthy members, yet God may call us to stay and partner with the work He’s doing there. Sometimes we also attend churches that by in large are not healthy and God may ask to stay or leave. If it’s toxic we may find it hard to leave by wrongly assuming we can make it better.

Please note, there is difference between a church that is unhealthy as a whole and one made up of unhealthy members. There’s a difference between a church that is toxic and harmful to our faith and one that is actually representative of a group of broken people in need of Jesus coming together to worship Him. We do NOT need to stay in a community that continually harms our soul.

In every community we are a part of, if we want to be a healthy member of it, we need more than few simple measures of goodness or badness to determine our place. It’s usually far too complex and nuanced to have a clear understanding of what to do in each situation without the help of the Holy Spirit. Goodness, we need Him.

In a recent article I wrote, I address some of the things we can each do to be a healthy church member regardless of the church we are in. We can only control the part we have to play and we all have choices we can make that are healthy.

Join me over on iBelieve for 10 Things All Healthy Church Members Do. This list is not exhaustive, but hopefully, it’s a good start.

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