Is that really you, God?


Should I move?


Should I stay?


One Option: Nah, that doesn’t make sense. I’ll just stick with what I know.


Another Option: Hmmm…maybe it is you. I don’t understand it though. It sounds awfully hard, or too small. Even so, I’m here God. I’m listening. Show me what you want me to know. Give me to courage to act and respond. Remind me of what you know.


So many of us who call ourselves Christian’s get tripped up wondering whether or not God is asking us to do something. We struggle to know how to hear His voice, to discern His will, and to move into fear.

My life is plagued with these challenges and they cripple  me from doing things which could bring greater peace, joy, and freedom.

In the last four years, my journey of growth took a hard new start and what God has revealed along the way makes me want to cry and laugh at the same time. I’ve learned a lot, but I’m still growing. My guess is, so are you. I don’t believe any of us arrive at some “got it all figured out and put behind me” destination.

Yet, we must remember this.

We are equipped to keep going because we are given the power of God with us to comfort, convict and give courage.

When we sense God calling us to step out in faith, we might buck it, ignore it, or deny it. Or…

We can embrace God’s challenge and find greater freedom on the other side.

If you’ve been wondering about that nudge you feel, or that sense of immobility, consider these 5 Signs God Might Be Calling You to Step Out in Faith over on


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  • What have you experienced when you sensed God calling you to step out in faith?
  • Has God surprised you?
  • What other signs help you know God’s call?