Some call her Mama Beth, even if she’s not old enough to be their mama. Why? Because Beth Moore provides spiritual insights in a way that nurtures child-like hearts. Hearts that crave more Jesus.

Many, including myself, have learned a lot from Beth. We’ve also been encouraged and challenged in our faith. Our understanding of scripture has gone deeper as she brings to light powerful truths we may not have noticed otherwise.

In addition to numerous Bible studies and video teachings, Beth Moore penned several books, including a novel which I hope to read someday.


Today, I’m reviewing a book that sat in my “someday” pile and finally made it to the forefront (courtesy of Handlebar who supplied a copy for review).

Get Out of That Pit : Straight Talk About God’s Deliverance first released in 2007 and ten years later it made a come back. If you’re wrestling through some gunky mire in life and find it challenging to get out, this book is like receiving a hand of hope pointing you to the source of true Hope.


Whether you call her Mama Beth or Miss Beth or simply Beth Moore, you’ll feel like she’s sitting across the table from you. Throughout the book I could sense her passionate love for all of God’s children. Including me and you. No matter what’s happened or what you’ve done. She encourages eyes of faith to see beyond our circumstances (um, yes, and Amen).

Clearly, Beth is fueled with a desire to see God’s people living in freedom. (double and triple Amen)

Beth talks about life in the pit as a dwelling we become too familiar with, a “shadowy home of the heart, mind and soul”. She shares with vulnerable honesty about the pits her and her husband have both experienced. It’s as if she reaches out and holds your hand when she tells you that no matter where you go, the pit seems to go with you. You might feel stuck, but as Beth says, “Satan can’t make you stay. Ironically, neither will God make you leave. Like it or not, some things are simply up to us.”

Beth’s heart-felt encouragement and numerous biblical references guide the reader through a journey of identification and faith activation. She also makes it clear that while we have active steps to take in experiencing deliverance, our deliverer is God.

The first few chapters identify the pit and several ways we might find ourselves in one of our own. She goes on to point to God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as the solid rock we must decide to stand on and remain faithful to. Even, and especially, in our pits. Her words are relatable and prompt pit-dwellers to make hard choices, which she summarizes in three steps.

Cry out. Confess. Consent.

We must cry out honestly before God if we want to release the pain, hurt, fear, doubt, etc. We must confess our sins honestly so we can experience the forgiveness available to us. Finally, as we consent we put our trust and future in God’s hands.

We also choose to sing a new song and remind ourselves the truths of God as given in His word.

These choices will help individuals do the hard heart work that helps us get out of that pit.

As the book title indicates, Beth provides straight talk about deliverance and she does it in a way that invites the reader to experience it with her.

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