He invites us in to be part of His plan for our children. ~ Shontell Brewer, Missionary Mom: Embracing the Mission Field Right Under Your Roof

This quote stirs a mindset shift in me. At least, in the mindset I had as a young mom.

In an effort to please God and do what I thought I ought to do, I sought out the role of being a godly mother. My frame of reference was sourced in doing all I could do, not relying on what God could do and wanted to do for me. Instead of freely loving my older boys, they received a fearful mom burdened with the weight of legalistic expectations.

Maybe this isn’t your experience, if you’re a mom, but I know a lot of well-meaning women who’ve caved in pain after years of trying to keep up with the right things.

There’s something about the invitation to join God as a missionary in the place where I already am that relieves me of extra burden and frees me to love better.

In our Cultivated Conversations interview, Shontell talks about the shift in perspective that helps her attend to the mission field right under her roof.

Shontell Brewer is women who lives this role well. She is married to a fireman and they have five children together. Together they gather with friends and neighbors around tacos, they serve in a local church, and she teaches. In addition, she advocates for victims of sex trafficking through her work with Awaken.

Oh, and she has naturally curly hair and is naturally funny. Great combo for the win!

Find out more about Shontell and being a Missionary Mom in this Cultivated Conversation. P.S., if you stick around to the end you’ll catch our blooper. 🙂



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