Life feels unpredictable when the weathering of one season mingles with another. I’m not sure what to expect in a given day because, much like Texas winter, the morning starts chilly but by noon the air is humid and warm. My heart flip-flops and I’m not sure what to wear or how to manage the current temperature reading.

I think I need to prepare for every event, just in case. And it weighs heavy, all this holding on to “what ifs”.

A long winter of waiting brings its dreary chill to my bones. The buds of spring break through with greater joys and deeper peace. Meanwhile, summer’s playfulness means enjoying Jesus in new ways, though I watch the fall of a dying dream.

Even when my heart aches in one area, it rejoices in another. Where it seems God is taking too long to respond, he’s tending to anxiousness and teaching me to trust Him more. As I lean into the journey with him, I’m learning how small steps done in faith bring me to a place of knowing God greater.

Walking with God brings a continual spring of new growth for our souls, even when shifting winds shake our world.

Threads of hardship and victory go in and out of our lives. Hand in hand. Fluctuations weave into the whole of our being. Sometimes, I’m wrapped up in a tornado of emotions swirling between them all.

What do we do when our intricate lives hold more than one season? How do we lean into what’s growing and lovely when life’s trials carry on?

We choose to see the One who holds it all. We find the barometer of the Holy Spirit to steady our hearts through the ups and downs. Through His work in our lives we come to know the powerful provision of God through every potential storm or ray of sunshine.

I’m prone to living in the cold seasons filled with heart ache and waiting. Replaying hurtful events gives me all the reasons I should stay defeated. At the same time, there’s an ever-gnawing Spiritual nudge to get up again.

Fall and winter do not last forever. Spring always comes.

It’s the promise of new life and the power of renewed minds that give us eyes to see – there is more.

We hear God speak and show us another beauty to behold. Right now. His hand in creation. His stories of redemption. The way His light breaks through heavy clouds. No matter what we see swirling around us or what we believe is ahead of us, His goodness radiates in the now and the not yet.

Though we feel the cold of today’s hard things, God’s Spirit offers a warm embrace.

He plants renewed vision, like seeds that break ground and look straight up towards heaven, expectant for the harvest to come.

Peace through pain, joy with tears, and freedom from another area of fear, all seep in nurtured by the God who heals and restores.

We don’t know how this day will end, or what season will show itself most strongly, but our Creator does.

May God lead us to embrace the spring of our souls in the midst of every cold day.



Soulful Spring


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