A few months back, I met a spunky gal who loves to talk about about thriving in life, not just surviving. It’s a phrase I’ve used often myself, because I believe it’s possible even when days are hard and heavy.

As believers in Christ we have an incredible God to look upon when we’d rather close our eyes to our circumstances. We are given abundant life in Him, but we can struggle to see it or enjoy it.

This lovely gal, Niki, believes life doesn’t have to be pain free to be full. Yes, sister!

Niki started a new series on her blog called, “Finding More When Life Hands You Less.” I wrote a few words over there about seeing good things when failure shouts.

I bet a few of you know what it’s like to set goals, then fail.

Then how the voice of failure starts to take over and you want to quit. Maybe things seem too hard to try again. Maybe you start believing it isn’t worth it. You might even think like I have. When failure hits, I sometimes see too much of the bad and lose sight of what’s good around me.

No matter what the voice says to you, there ARE good things to see.

They are always there because we always have a good God providing them.

Don't Let the Voice of Failure Keep You From Seeing Good Things

Excerpt from Niki’s space:

“When I put new goals put in place, I look for progress. But I find it hard to revel in the things that went right. What stands out most tends to be what I’m NOT getting right.

Today, it’s almost two weeks in and already I want to chuck the list. Toss it aside like hot potato. Let someone else deal with trying to keep up.

Even if the list I created wasn’t realistic in the first place. Or it focused on too many things. Or it didn’t take into account real-life hiccups and the ebbs and flows of easy and hard days.

Sometimes, I forget to offer myself the grace I need.”

If you’re struggling with that loud voice of failure today, I hope this post and the rest of Niki’s series will encourage you.

–>> See Good Things When Failure Shouts <<–