Structure & Support for Your Growth Journey


When external factors wear you down, it’s easy to forget there is something better for you. God is more than we think and has something better for us than we can imagine.

He wants us to cultivate the life we’ve been given so we can experience more of Him and more of the peace, joy, and freedom available to us. However, we were meant to do it with others.

Join us as we cultivate emotional, relational, and spiritual growth within a Christian growth community. You’ll receive regular coaching and teaching for your personal journey, all while connecting to growth-minded others.

Support for the Journey

As a member of the Cultivate Together Growth Community you’ll receive regular support from a trained counselor and coach through teaching content, group coaching, and engagement in the community platform.

ALSO, you’ll be part of a community of growth-minded individuals where you can both give and receive support.

Jolene will help foster safety and connection in the group, which helps each member group individually and collectively.

Teaching with Q&A

This unique membership group offers online video teachings with coaching prompts to help you personalize your growth journey.

In addition, you’ll have the option to ask questions for our monthly group calls and receive additional guidance.


Unleash Prompts

Members of Cultivate Together receive regular prompts and tips for using Unleash: Heart & Soul Care Sheets.

#UnleashSheets are the core tool used to explore patterns, questions, and challenges in life with God. It is helpful for processing life’s ups and downs and provides a process for growing in connection to what’s happening within you and the God who remains with you.

The prompts you receive will help you use the tool for a more personalized experience with the content provided.

* Unleash Sheets are sold separately.

Find your People

You’re interested in growth, but it’s hard to find others who are ready to take that journey too. Let Cultivate Together be a source for making new connections with growth-minded people like you!

Individualized Coaching Help

Got questions?

You’ll have the chance to ask questions and get direct feedback from Jolene either in the community chat or during our monthly group calls.

As the group grows, I bet you’ll find great ideas and insight from other group members as well.

Encouraging Teaching Videos

Core content is in progress now, and you’ll have access to it for as long as you’re a member.

In addition, I will be creating content videos that correlate with our growth topics and community activities. Your input will help shape what kind of content is made available for the group.

Guidance for Healing Reflection

As you become more aware of what’s happening within you, you’ll make space to receive tranformational change from God.

Through self-reflection and awareness, you’ll increase vulnerability which makes way for connection with God and others.

Experiencing Safe Community

We all need a safe place to practice new things as we take steps of growth. Cultivate Together was created with community, vulnerability, safety, and growth in mind. Group rules will help us learn safe ways to connect with another that fuel connection.

ALSO – our community interactions will happen via Zoom and Heartbeat (NOT Facebook). This provides more privacy as well as accessibility for people who don’t use Facebook.


Healing from Life's Hurts, Troubles, and Trauma

Jolene Underwood is a trauma-informed coach and mental health counselor. Her content and resources are designed to help you move from hurt and pain into a life of freedom and peace.

Whether you’re in the middle of a heavy season or coming out of one, this group is for you.


No More Faking Fine

When you’re involved with safe community, great growth can happen. In order to do that, it’s vital to be vulnerable.

We’re used to faking fine, especially in social settings. Here? You have a place to get honest about times when you don’t feel fine.

Growth for More of the Life God Designed for You!

Through the teachings and community aspect of Cultivate Together, you’ll have the opportunity to learn and implement practical principles for a life of emotional, spiritual, and relational growth.

Unleash: Heart & Soul Care Sheets

Unleash Sheets Cover with Coffee

Key Resource

Unleash:Heart and Soul Care Sheets

Unleash Sheets are a powerful tool for processing life’s challenges, questions, and confusion with God. They are also helpful for learning to hear from God and engaging in a unique personal journey with God. Unleash Sheets are an optional, but highly recommended, add-on for members of the Cultivate Together 

Individual Coaching with Unleash Sheets

A Cultivated Life – Individual Coaching

Get personalized, one-on-one, support through emotional health coaching. Jolene’s coaching services incorporate Unleash: Heart & Soul Care Sheets for deeper work and connection with God on a personal level. Coaching is goal-oriented to help you move from where you are to where you want to be.
{1:1 coaching space is limited}

NOTE: Members receive the lowest rate available.


A common desire I hear from Christians is to find a community of people who value growth, emotional honesty, realness, vulnerability. They want a safe place where they can be real about the ups and downs they experience in life, without being corrected, condemned, criticized, lectured, or given hyper-spiritual responses that leave them feeling more alone.

Cultivate Together is designed to facilitate a safe space for Christians who want to grow and experience more of the fullness of life God promises.

In addition, Jolene offers practical guidance and support for the application of biblical principles.


Benefits of Being Part of a Growth Community

Cultivate Together offers connection with growth-minded others through monthly group calls, bonus fellowship calls, book club and other events. In addition, members can connect to one another regularly via the app or website for Heartbeat. We use Heartbeat as an alternative to Facebook.

Taking part in connection opportunities (like the group calls) increases opportunities for growth due to the relational nature of our group and conversations.

Our unique community offers connection opportunities, growth experiences, and a place where you’ll meet others who value growth and healing.


What Do I Get as a Member?

Teaching, connection, guidance, and support. These are all found through the Growth Hub (where video content resides) and Heartbeat (the community app).


You’ll have access to a group call every month with Jolene, which includes coaching, fellowship, and time for Q&A. If you’ve wanted help from a trauma-informed coach, this is an incredible value. In addition to opportunities to connect with Jolene for guided help, you’ll be able to connect with other members of the community which could become the foundation of long-term friendships.


Jolene will regularly upload new teaching content into our community to help you take steps of growth on a regular basis. Early videos will focus on key concepts taught by Dr. John Townsend and Dr. Henry Cloud (authors of the Boundaries books). Topics may include: boundaries, emotional awareness and healthy expression, dealing with rejection, communication tips for deeper connection in relationships, and more.

UNLEASH SHEETS – PROMPTS & TIPS {weekly or bi-weekly}

Unleash: Heart & Soul Care Sheets are highly versatile for a number of different uses. To get more out of the tool, Jolene will provide regular prompts to help you navigate a personalized journey more effectively.

👉🏼 Occasional evening fellowship calls offer additional opportunities for fun and connection with other group members.

👉🏼 Lowest price available for 1:1 coaching with Jolene

👉🏼 Priority support & coaching slots for gropu members

👉🏼 Additional Events, like the Book Club in 2023 around Changes That Heal by Dr. Henry Cloud

NOTE: The bulk of the content provided will be exclusive to this membership community! Some videos will be available for public consumption on various sites, but they will be added to your video library for easy access in one place.

What Can I Expect as a Member?

1. Jolene’s goal for this community include creating a safe place for members where they can feel seen, heard, and valued.

She does  what she can to faciliate conversations and connection opportunities. Jolene requests that members refrain from actions that commonly occur in faith communities which make healing more challenging. These actions include; minimizing, invalidating, hyperspiritualizing, condeming, criticizing, and commanding.

2. The Cultivate Together community is open to men and women.

As the community grows, there may be opportunities to split off into gender specific groups for increased safety in vulnerable conversations.

3. Cultivate Together is open to adults who want a Christian-based community for growth and healing, and are open to the process so they can receive what God has for them on the other side.

This group is for people who are ready to dive into a process that includes reflection, growing in awareness, facing difficult realities. It is not all done at once and each person goes a their pace.

The pace of your journey is between you and God. We are not seeking to rid ourselves of everything that seems wrong or bad within us. We are intentional about joining God in a process he’s already leading us in.


While Cultivate Together offers a signficant amount of teaching & support, real growth happens through active steps in a new direction. Neuroscience shows that some of the most transformative and long-term positive changes occur through experiences that reshape our brain for growth & healing. 

In Cultivate Together, they are called Growth Experiences. 

Jolene offers content on a number of topics related to emotional & relational health, spiritual growth, and soul care. Several of these can be found in the structure of Dr. John Townsend’s Growth Model, & Townsend’s concept of Relational Nutrients©. These serve as foundational concepts discussed frequently in Cultivate Together.

Other core concepts include a Growth Path developed by Jolene and Unleash Sheets for a personalized experience between you & God.

NOTE: Purchase of Unleash: Heart & Soul Care Sheets is optional and not included in Cultivate Together. A one-time purchase includes a single user license with unlimited use for one person.

Cultivate Together is designed to be a safe place for growth. While privacy cannot be guaranteed in any group, you’ll receive added protection by private access to an online community that is not on social media channels like Facebook.

Heartbeat hosts our community forum and can be accessed on a browser, an app for desktops & laptops, and a mobile device app.

Cultivate Together offers a content hub for all videos and is regularly updated. As a member, you’ll access video content in the hub, and connect with members in the community on Heartbeat.

Exclusive BONUSES for Group Members

  • Discounted & Priority 1:1 Coaching with Jolene
  • Discounts on Workshops
  • Video Library for Emotional Overwhelm, Stress Reduction, & Dealing with Anxiety from a trauma-informed therapist
  • Easy-to-navigate growing collection of live & recorded videos from Jolene (on YouTube, Facebook, & more) all in one place.

DISCLAIMER: All information, teaching, coaching, and content provided by Jolene Underwood and Growing A Cultivated Life should not be used as a replacement to therapeutic assistance with a licensed professional. If you suffer with depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, or other mental health issues, please contact a professional for personal assistance.

If you’re current needs for support and structure are beyond what I offer in the group, you may not be ready for the group. If this is the case, please consider joining when you’re ready to pursue a personal journey of growth and development.

Growing A Cultivated Life

Growing A Cultivated Life is resource and content hub that connects you to free and paid content offered by Jolene. This includes free downloads, paid tools (Unleash Sheets), future courses & workshops, and member communities for Christians who want to grow, leaders passionate about church care, and Christian Creatives building online content.


What Community Members Say

I love our group! It has been exciting to learn how to “show up” in my world without losing myself in the process. Jolene as created a safe space to get to know other people. I always walk away encourged! 🙂

Dawn B

Founding Member of Cultivate Together

I joined CT to have support as I grieved the loss of my husband, and several subsequent losses as well.

In blunt terms – Life had knocked me for a loop and I wasn’t sure how I could cope with everything.

While there are no quick fixes, CT has been and continues to be a source of strength and encouragement for me. Jolene gives her all to provide those of us in the group with resources to help us learn new ways of thinking, and being, and doing. There are monthly group meetings which are extremely beneficial, as well as a resource library to provide us with the tools we need for growth.

Growth and Healing take work, but with the support of Jolene as well as those in the group, it makes a long, hard, difficult road, not only less lonely, but I feel encouraged and empowered to keep moving forward (or rest) as the case may be.

Thank you, Jolene for all you do to provide a place of safety, encouragement, and learning.


Founding Member of Cultivate Together

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