Yay! You’re On the List!

I look forward to meeting you in Cultivate Together when doors open again. 

Cultivate Together is a unique community focused on emotional and spiritual growth for Christians.

When I have dates for the next door opening you will receive notification via email.

In the meantime, you’ll receive updates on other content provided by me via the newsletter for Growing A Cultivated Life. 


Support for the Journey

As a member of the Cultivate Together Growth Community you’ll receive regular support from a trained counselor and coach through teaching content, Q&A sessions, and engagement in the community platform.

ALSO, you’ll be part of a community of growth-minded individuals where you can both give and receive support.

Jolene will help foster safety and connection in the group, which helps each member group individually and collectively.

Teaching with Q&A

This unique membership group offers online video teachings with coaching prompts to help you personalize your growth journey.

In addition, you’ll have the option to submit questions for our monthly group calls and receive additional guidance.


Unleash Prompts

Members of Cultivate Together will receive regular prompts and tips for using Unleash: Heart & Soul Care Sheets.

#UnleashSheets are the core tool used to explore patterns, questions, and challenges in life with God.

The prompts you receive will help you use the tool for a more personalized experience.

* Unleash Sheets are sold separately.

Join the FREE Community on Facebook

While you’re waiting for the opportunity to join a dedicated growth community, this may be helpful.

If you’re on Facebook, you can join us in the free group. Due to social media algorithms, being in the group makes it more likely that you’ll see social media content when posted. ALSO, you’ll receive occasional words of encouragement and be able to connect with others on the path of personal growth.



Why Get Involved in a Growth Community?

Find your People

You’re interested in growth, but it’s hard to find others who are ready to take that journey too. Let Cultivate Together be a source for making new connections with growth-minded people like you!

Individualized Coaching Help

Got questions?

You’ll have the chance to ask questions and get direct feedback from Jolene either in the community chat or during our monthly group calls.

As the group grows, I bet you’ll find great ideas and insight from other group members as well.

Encouraging Teaching Videos

Core content is in progress now, and you’ll have access to it for as long as you’re a member.

In addition, I will be creating content videos that correlate with our growth topics and community activities. Your input will help shape what kind of content is made available for the group.

Guidance for Healing Reflection

As you become more aware of what’s happening within you, you’ll make space to receive tranformational change from God.

Through self-reflection and awareness, you’ll increase vulnerability which makes way for connection with God and others.

Experiencing Safe Community

We all need a safe place to practice new things as we take steps of growth. Cultivate Together was created with community, vulnerability, safety, and growth in mind. Group rules will help us learn safe ways to connect with another that fuel connection.

ALSO – our community interactions will happen via Zoom and Heartbeat (NOT Facebook). This provides more privacy as well as accessibility for people who don’t use Facebook.


Healing from Life's Hurts, Troubles, and Trauma

Jolene Underwood is a trauma-informed coach and mental health counselor. Her content and resources are designed to help you move from hurt and pain into a life of freedom and peace.

Whether you’re in the middle of a heavy season or coming out of one, this group is for you.


No More Faking Fine

When you’re involved with safe community, great growth can happen. In order to do that, it’s vital to be vulnerable.

We’re used to faking fine, especially in social settings. Here? You have a place to get honest about times when you don’t feel fine.

Growth for More of the Life God Designed for You!

Through the teachings and community aspect of Cultivate Together, you’ll have the opportunity to learn and implement practical principles for a life of emotional, spiritual, and relational growth.

Unleash: Heart & Soul Care Sheets

Unleash Sheets Cover with Coffee

Key Resource

Unleash:Heart and Soul Care Sheets

Unleash Sheets are a powerful tool for processing life’s challenges, questions, and confusion with God. They are also helpful for learning to hear from God and engaging in a unique personal journey with God. Unleash Sheets are an optional, but highly recommended, add-on for members of the Cultivate Together 

Individual Coaching with Unleash Sheets

A Cultivated Life – Individual Coaching

Get personalized, one-on-one, support through emotional health coaching. Jolene’s coaching services incorporate Unleash: Heart & Soul Care Sheets for deeper work and connection with God on a personal level. Coaching is goal-oriented to help you move from where you are to where you want to be.
{1:1 coaching space is limited}

DISCLAIMER: All information, teaching, coaching, and content provided by Jolene Underwood and Growing A Cultivated Life should not be used as a replacement to therapeutic assistance with a licensed professional. If you suffer with depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, or other mental health issues, please contact a professional for personal assistance.

Growing A Cultivated Life

Growing A Cultivated Life is coming your way! It will be the hub for various courses, coaching, and growth-oriented resources. As a founding member of the Cultivate Together Growth Community, you’ll be able to provide feedback on what kind of content you’d like to see here.


Growing A Cultivated Life (coming soon)

Get Real, Live Free – Growth Groups

10 week course with group coaching

~ BETA idea for possible growth group launches

Based on the Townsend Character Model, this course offering includes weekly group sessions to dig deeper within a safe community. After the initial group sessions with Jolene, group members may continue on their own.

Alternative BETA idea for Growth Groups

Groups spun off of the Cultivate Together membership to deepen growth and connection with a small group of people.


Growth Courses

A selection of courses for beginning, intermediate, and advanced Growth

in idea phase


Course may include: Boundaries 101, From Dependence or Codependence to Interdependence, Soul care Basics.

Got a topic you’d like help with? Send me a message!


Get Real, Live Free – Self Paced

Online Self Paced

idea phase

Great for individuals working alone or with small groups in local community.


What Community Members Say

We’d love to feature you here! As a founding member you’ll help Jolene shape this coaching community into something that helps more people in the future. Once you’ve had a chance to experience the benefits of Cultivate Together, you’ll be given an opportunity to share your story with others (if you’re comfortable doing so).

Jane Doe

Future Space for Founding Member
We’d love to feature you here! As a founding member you’ll help Jolene shape this coaching community into something that helps more people in the future. Once you’ve had a chance to experience the benefits of Cultivate Together, you’ll be given an opportunity to share your story with others (if you’re comfortable doing so).

Arnold Smith

Future Space for Founding Member
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