Cultivate Connection with God

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Use this sheet daily or weekly to engage with God and His Word in a different way.

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NOTE: I mentioned that I deleted the gratitude section, but I put it back in. Use this section to note what you’re grateful for before exploring the verse further. You may be surprised at how it sets the tone for the rest of the sheet.

I really like the simplicity of the printable. It’s straightforward and makes it feel un-intimidating. I truly love the approach.

It’s helpful for two reasons — keeps things accessible and easy to understand for a new/young believer just starting to study God’s Word; but also, it makes things approachable for those who want to be consistent in the Word, yet may lack the time to use a comprehensive or complex system. I look forward to continuing to use these

Melissa A.

I like the structure of the form, with the grateful section after the scripture. I think that helps set the right atmosphere and attitude before the time of reflection.

I tried the form twice, both times just focusing on a random scripture provided by the verse of the day from my Bible ap. And both times I did receive encouragement & hope from scripture. The 2nd time, the verse itself was mysteriously appropriate to my life right at that moment and the Cultivate Connection form helped me unpack even more from the verse.

Vicki B.

I have incorporated the Cultivate Connection into my daily Bible journal activity in my Panda Planner – in particular the Gratitude, Who God Is, Who God Says I Am, and my response. The remaining pieces I am noting in my Bible margin.

I feel that in the few weeks that I have been able to test this that I am going deeper with God than I had without the guidance of the worksheet and I am seeing parts of scripture that I had not noticed before.

Pam M.

I really like the format of this sheet. I love the amount of space given to each section. I love how the sheet helps guide me through thinking about the Scripture I am reading.


Patti P.

This sheet is great!  It makes me want to dive deeper and see what the other Unleash sheets look like.


Amy O.