Supporting the Heart & Soul of Christian Content Creators

Ever feel lost & alone when it comes to knowing what step to take next, what tools or tech to use, & how to do it all?

I’ve tested, tried, and researched numerous tools, platforms, tech, and processes in the last decade. I’ve also seen how difficult it can be for Christians creating online content to find help as they need it when building a platform, creating quality content, marketing, and reaching their audience effectively.

Rise Up Writers launched in 2014 to serve the writing community with a desire to see Christians not stop the work they feel led to do because of fear, rejection, or isolation. This initiative was put on hold when I started grad school in 2020 to receive my Masters in Counseling degree.

Creator Life Collective launches in 2023 to serve content creators.


Primarily through YouTube (@theCreatorLifeCollective) & a planned membership community.

Instagram @creatorlifecollective
Facebook FREE Community
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With what?

Video reviews, demos, & discussions on tools, tech, tips, and processes related to navigating a content creator’s work. [YouTube]

Free community carried over from Rise Up Writers to allow creatives to connect, ask questions, receive encouragement, and find submission opportunities.

{planned} Membership Community
A unique community designed for creators to actively engage in brainstorming, collaboration opportunities, and collective learning.

Regular Zoom calls facilitated by me, Jolene Underwood. Private group for added conversation & information sharing.


So many creators (writers, bloggers, speakers, podcasters, course creators, etc.) struggle to navigate the plethora of resources. They also want to make wise decisions that work best for them.

It is difficult to find helpful tips personalized for their situation.

And, it is an often lonely road trying to figure out what to do & how to do it, and it’s not easy to keep going.

We need each other.