Growth for Life Coaching

Designed to help you develop who you are as God’s design and experience more of the LIFE available to you.

  • Ready to experience a different way of experiencing life?
  • Need guidance with practical and spiritual resources?
  • Want to improve your emotional health and experience spiritual growth?

Develop Who You Are & How You Experience LIFE

Growth coaching with Jolene offers a 1:1 opportunity for guided support as you navigate helpful next steps. Together, we’ll explore current challenges and personal goals so you can develop who you are & how you show up in the world. Topics I’ve covered with clients include: setting & communicating boundaries, identifying needs,  relationships, communication, people-pleasing, exploring gifts, values, and goals, and helping you choose what steps you want to take next.

What is Growth Coaching?

Coaching helps individuals move from where they are to where they want to go. Coaching provides help for the question, “What do I do next?” 

My coaching style focuses on personal growth. I help individuals uncover patterns, beliefs, expectations, and other limitations that keep them from experiencing what’s helpful & LIFE-giving.

How do sessions work?

Coaching with me can look different with each client. We will work together to uncover current concerns and steps to move through those challenges.

Some of my clients use Unleash: Heart & Soul Care Sheets as part of the process. I  partner with my clients as they explore current challenges, as well as what matters to them as they move forward..

For clients who value prayer and connection with God during sessions, this option is available. 

We will explore your current challenges and I will help you identify steps you can take that lead towards emotional health and spiritual growth.

Cultivate LIFE

You’re life is worth more than you know. God thought so before you were ever created. A lot of us experience hard things and sometimes those hard things have overwhelmed us or kept us stuck.

Fear, anxiety, and shame can keep us living hidden. Not getting-it-all-right can keep many believers stuck in a pattern of not living as the person God created them to be.

It’s time to explore. Get curious. Engage with God. I can walk with you as you do. You don’t have to do this alone.

Identify Obstacles that Keep You Emotionally Stuck

Past painful experiences often tie in unhealthy beliefs. They can also wire in physiological responses that keep us living in fear, anxiety, and shame. 

Through Growth for Life coaching, we may explore unhealthy thought patterns, uncover unhealed hurts, and express unfelt emotions.

Ultimately, this is about your journey of growth as you develop who you are and how you show up in the world.. As your coach, I come alongside you as you process and take steps towards experiencing more LIFE.

Go from spiritually stagnant to soul-strengthened.

We can know (in our heads) a lot of things about God. That kind of knowing doesn’t help us know (intimately, spirit to spirit, heart to heart) God and his love. We need experiences with God and safe people to internalize the love of God so we can live soul-strengthened.

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