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Below are the five primary categories for content on this site. In each category, you will find a variety of content as outlined below. In each of these you may find content posted elsewhere, guest content, resources, and reviews.

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Spiritual Growth

hearing from God, God’s character and attributes, the presence of God, fruits of the Spirit

Emotional Health

Posts in this category may talk about anxiety, depression, PTSD, grief, emotions, feelings vs thoughts, fear, anger, expressing emotion, identifying emotions, and more as it relates to emotional health and maturity.

Emotional and Spiritual Healing

Ways to pursue healing for damaged emotions, heart wounds, trauma, and more. This includes EMDR, counseling, neuroscience, whole body care, supplements, trauma wounds, dealing with abuse (especially emotional and spiritual),

Soul Care

The following topics are part of emotional health and spiritual growth but are categorized as soul care because they deal with the core of who we are. When we care for the soul, we care for the whole of our being. These topics include unhealthy beliefs, identity, boundaries, codependency, and more.

Courageous Soul

Encouragement, prayers, calls to action, learning how to make choices, stepping out of victim living into a life of freedom, experiencing more peace, joy, and freedom.

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