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Practical & trauma-informed support for weary Christians who want to grow.
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For far too long, I carried the weight of expectations, duty, and performance that didn’t belong to me. Instead of resting in faith, I worked hard to “get better” at being a “good” Christian. Eventually, it led to exhaustion, depression, and trauma.

Today, I’m a trauma therapist & Christian growth coach helping weary Christians breathe again.

If you’ve grown tired of trying to get it all right and never feeling right, welcome.

God’s design in you is pretty darn amazing, and I would love to see you shining brightly in this world.

Navigating Disappointment When it Seems God Let You Down

Six years ago, I wrote a post called "God Let Me Down, Now What?" When I wrote this post, I was in the process of healing from various trauma while dealing with difficult circumstances in my faith community that compounded the effects of trauma. All this made it...

Christian Phrases That Keep You Stuck, Hidden, and Hurting

Oh, the things we say. Christians say a lot of interesting things that non-believers (or newer believers) often feel confused by. Years ago, I remember hearing about something called Christianese (words, verses, and phrases used in Christian culture that sometimes...

Are Blaming and Complaining Ever Helpful?

Are Blaming and Complaining Ever Helpful? Seems like a weird question. If you search for articles and content about blaming and complaining, particularly for Christians, you'll find plenty of reasons why these two actions are not helpful. I even wrote an article for...

Receiving Grace for Growth After Seasons of Stress and Trauma

After you've endured a season of challenges in your relationships or circumstances, it's common to feel weighed down, emptied out, or frazzled without the ability to think straight anymore. For some of us, these seasons seem to stack up relentlessly. You may wonder,...

5 Ways I Use Unleash: Heart & Soul Care Sheets to Grow With God

Since the initial creation of Unleash: Heart and Soul Care Sheets, God has shown numerous ways this tool can be beneficial in a Christian's life. I've used it to deal with confusing situations, challenging emotions and thoughts, and to intentionally check in with God...
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