“I feel too broken to be chosen.”

Ann Voskamp’s words come like an arrow, piercing me with their ability to identify. How I’ve known brokenness all too well and how feeling unchosen has caused a further broken heart.


Many of us know the pains which come from a life found to be imperfect.

A life well-lived is only found in a life lived, and there is no way to live without experiencing the brokenness of humanity.

We may try to pull the pieces back together on our own, but eventually we find our ability to do so is like disappearing glue. It doesn’t stay, and even when it does, the result isn’t nearly as beautiful as it could be.


In the hands of Jesus, our brokenness not only finds wholeness, but a way of whole giving for the sake of another’s whole heart. This is Ann’s call to a world in need. To see our brokenness and give it up as an offering. To see how we are all broken and in need, and to be the gift for one another.

Ann’s book, The Broken Way: A Daring Path Into Abundant Life, captured so much essence of the same passion which beats in me daily. In writing, in ministry, and in life, my heart has cried out for the healing of brokenness since I was a child. For myself and for others.

Can I be broken and be chosen? Can I see another broken and choose them?

God wants us to know we are chosen in our brokenness.

What breaks inside of us is sometimes the very thing which needs to break. It hurts and we want to fix it all right now, but God’s ways are hard to fathom and He might just let us break a bit more. Because He’s coming to reshape, remold, and redeem all things into what he wants to make new.


A new me and a new you.

Our newness comes through the identification of suffering with a God who suffered on our behalf.

We can come to know his great love and sacrifice for us as we walk through the hard things in life, or we can choose to walk away and miss out on all that His love poured out for us means.

God chooses to know us in our brokenness and desires that we choose Him because he was broken for us.

Ann uses her eloquent style of story in way which beats compassion and truth into the wounding in all of us. She encourages us to find an abundant way of living through the honesty of hurting. In her gentle way, she reminds us to allow our broken to be opened.


“It’s always the vulnerable heart that breaks broken hearts free.”

“The miracle happens in the breaking.”


My pages are full of highlights and notes. So much of what she shared resonates with the very message I share here. A life well-lived is one with open hands ready to see what God will reveal along the way.

Meet Ann and her message at thebrokenway.com.


Courtesty of The Blog About Network (Facebook) and Zondervan publishers, I was able to read and reviews book. And…even better. Give away a copy of her book to one of you!

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  • Have you found healing and an abundant way of living through vulnerable breaking?
  • What scripture, song, poem, words, or art has ministered to you when you were hurting?