What if the thing you need most is right around the corner but you can’t see it?

I had the privilege of attending training yesterday for a great tool called, Kendall Life Language Profiles. I’d have all day in a nice meeting room, with catered coffee and amazing food, a small group of others from our church to gather with, and teaching on a topic I am greatly intrigued in.

Let’s just say, for someone like me, this was the set up for a divinely, delightful day.

I set out from my home with twice as much time as it would take on a no-rush day, but I know Austin traffic and I know how the heavy rains exacerbate Austin traffic. I planned in advance in order to get where I wanted to go, when I needed to be there.

On the way, fancy-pants-maps took me in roundabout ways I would have never thought of. I covered more mileage while supposedly saving time. Eventually, I found my way into the large UT parking garage and trekked through downpours of continued rain before entering the massive stadium. The general location of my meeting place had been shown to me, but the verbiage I needed wasn’t quite right and my sense of direction was just a bit wrong.

When What You Need is Just Around the Corner

Photo credit JC+A on Flickr


I wanted to get out of the rain quickly, so I entered the first available door rather than the one I thought I needed. I figured I’d just head to the right, then up. It seemed simple enough, but friends, we’re talking about the University of Texas Stadium building which wraps around a football field. Walking around is not as intuitive as it sounds, especially for someone clueless like me.

Fancy-pants-maps on my phone couldn’t lead me this time, but wouldn’t you know it, I found someone willing to give directions and help me walk through public friendly hallways and inner-workings which intertwined for what seemed like forever.

She was so helpful, I thought.

“You’ll pass the Willie Nelson display and there will be elevators to take you up.” She sent me on my way and she went on hers.

“Great! Thanks for your help,” I said, assuming I was headed in the right direction as I continued to the right.

I saw the Willie Nelson display. It’s so large, how can you miss it? But elevators? What came after the display was another door leading me into another area which seemed like it should have been off limits. I stood there awkwardly waiting for someone to lead me. After saying, “Excuse me,” and getting a mere momentary glance, I knew help would not come from the two guys talking around what looked like a Zamboni machine.

Thankfully, someone who clearly knew her way through passed by and offered to take me where I needed to go. I gave her the words I had written down, about the place I needed to find, but something seemed wrong and it confused her too. So we walked and talked. She showed me where those hidden elevators were as she escorted me through. We found what was definitely NOT the right conference room and got temporarily stuck in a wing which indicated to me we were going the wrong direction.

Eventually, she got me where I needed to go. Just before I took the elevator back up, I passed through an entrance foyer which looked remarkably similar to the one I’d seen when I first got out of the rain.

Turns out, the room I needed was straight up and just around the corner. To the left.

Thirty minutes of walking left me tired and sweaty, not to mention late to training.

Had I expanded vision or expanded knowledge, I might not have gone the wrong ways.

Had I clear cut information provided to my guides, I might not have gone the wrong ways.

Had I met the second gal first, I might not have gone the wrong ways.

Had I just gone up before turning left or right, I might not have gone the wrong ways.

Sometimes, what we know is limited and those who want to help us can only take us so far, because what they know is limited too.

Sometimes we think we’re headed the right way and all the while we’re going the wrong way. We need clearer guidance and we need someone who knows how to get there.

You never know when what you need most is right around the corner, because though you may get lost, God is always right where He’s supposed to be.