A Prayer for the Battle-Weary Soul A Prayer for the Battle-Weary Soul The temptation to give in to despair is like a megaphone

The last couple of weeks have been H A R D. Situational pain spoke loud to my heart and soul for days on end.

When the mind knows what the heart needs to remember, there’s a battle waged. The two aren’t in alignment and that right there is enough to keep us trembling in the face of the enemy. When we are at war internally, we’ll find it harder to fight the external battles of daily life.

We can ignore this place of tension and let it continue to wreak havoc. Although, I don’t recommend it. One incident builds upon another and eventually everything explodes or implodes. Both leave us in a worse place than before.

Or, we can let this tension drive us to action and heavenly admiration.

The temptation to give in to despair is like a megaphone for the way our souls need to readjust hope. Will we turn our eyes back to the God of all things and not the god of self and self-focused expectations?

With a willing heart, we say yes. Lord, help us feel you near.

A Prayer for the Battle-Weary

I don’t know what your battles are today. Maybe you’ve experienced a loss of some kind, whether it’s financial, relational, or situational. Maybe you need to grieve the reality of hard present truths while keeping alive hope for redemption in the way God desires.

Maybe you’re tried and worn down and the enemy keeps filling your mind with lies and distortions.

Dear one, fight back.

Fight back fiercely against the one who takes a soul at war and turns it against the lover of our souls. The battle is not against others or even the perfection of circumstances. The battle is against the enemy of God and of us, because God is with us.

I need prayer during these times and maybe you do too.

Even if you feel too tired to lift your eyes today, I hope you’ll choose prayer. Whether it’s this prayer or a guttural moan that the Holy Spirit interprets, cry out to God. He is listening.


Dear Father,


Sometimes it hurts so much and I don’t know what to do. The pain can engulf a heart that needs more of you. When I turn away and shove you aside, remind me that you are by my side. You have not left me and never will.


I tend to forget, but deep down I know the pain I feel is temporary and will not last forever.


When my heart is weary, Lord, I sometimes think I’ve done all I can do. I feel trapped and lost because I can’t see a way out or a way forward. In these moments, may I thank you for your grace and amazing love. Show me what I need to see. Reveal more of you, the one I need to know.


When I don’t know what to pray, your Word gives me a place to start from. Help me turn back to it so I can hear from you.


You tell me you are a place of refuge. I want to stay there with you where it is safe. I also want the courage only you can give so I can fight another day on the battleground you lead me to. Help me to find rest in the place I’m in today.


My heart is hurting. I remember, I am not hidden from you. When it’s hard to believe this is true, or that it matters, give me strength to endure until I can see clearly again.


I need you desperately, Lord. I stand with you in victory because in the end, you’ve already won.



May I never forget that you are at work and you are good. May I remember that I have what I need to stand against the enemies’ lies.






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