Dawn is breaking
My soul awaking

Foggy eyes flutter open

Clouds hang close
I wipe I rub

but still the veil

The hand upon my back
urges me toward…

for what I’m not yet sure

My feet move ahead
A timid heart shakes with dread

Noises around
People abound

What if I smiled here, spoke there, listened everywhere?
What if they knew?
If my love were to show and I let compassion grow . . .

He whispers
All you seek to share
in that, be laid bare
for all you yearn
you cannot earn

When the day is done & it seems approval is not won,
I head back home & lay before the throne

Dear daughter/Dear son, he whispers to hearts all near
His love for me I long to hear

He sees

Eyes upon me
Love around me

Eyelids raise

The spirit speaks of truths already known
As if raised on a cloud, the spirit now speaks loud

Holy, Holy, Holy is The Lord God almighty.

My mind pictures the angels singing
In these words the truth is ringing.

Arms lift high, The Lord is nigh
Clouds have lifted and my heart has shifted

Approval is done
It is found in the Son

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