A Cultivated Life Zoom Chat

Zoom is super easy. However, I know it can feel overwhelming at first.

If that’s true for you, I hope this helps. You can also ask questions in the Facebook Group for A Cultivated Life. 

A Cultivated Life Chats | March 2020

Accessing the Zoom Call:

All Zoom links are sent via email prior to the call. If there is an event posted on Facebook, the link will be there as well as in the Facebook group.

Click the Zoom link when it’s time to begin, or a few minutes before. I may get on up to 10 minutes early for anyone who wants to test audio and video.

The first time you use Zoom, you might be prompted to download something on your computer or an app on your device. Go ahead and do it.

Then you can get into the call.

NOTE: Please mark Zoom Chats on your calendar. I may send a reminder, but I do not send the many reminder emails others do.

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Click here for a tutorial on joining a Zoom call. 

Audio & Video During the Call:

If you want to be seen and heard, you’ll want to test your video and audio before hand.

NOTE: Make sure your background noise is minimized. If you have EARPHONES, PLEASE USE them. 

At the beginning of our Zoom calls, you will be muted and your video will be off.

If you are OK letting others see you, and I love to see your faces, please turn your video on.

If you don’t want to be seen, you can call in instead or keep your video off.

To see all people as the same size, choose the Gallery view option in the top right corner (on a computer).

What to Expect During the Zoom Call:

During the call, there is a chat box. You can ask questions there. If you can’t make it, please email them to me in advance or ask them on the Facebook event page.

If you arrive early, you can turn on audio and chat with me and others. I try to get on 10 minutes early.

Audio will be muted during the call. Video may be turned on.


IMPORTANT: Zoom Calls are NOT recorded. No replay will be available.

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