31 Choices You Can Make to Live Well

Ever feel tired of the way things are and wish they were different? Do you wonder if there is a way to live better than you’re living now?

When circumstances swell up around you, you feel engulfed in the waves. At any time, you’re drowning. Or maybe you don’t even know what it is, but you feel stuck somehow.

Life just isn’t being lived well, but you’re not sure why. You want to respond better, but you don’t know what to do.

Hearing the enemy whisper lies to your heart gets exhausting. Familiarity brings an odd sense of comfort with all the messages telling you it’s too hard, you can’t do it, and there’s nothing you can do,

The enemy is always trying to distract us and get us to believe things that aren’t true. One of these untruths is that there is nothing you can do.

When you believe you don’t have any choices, that you are trapped, incapable, and powerless, you live from a position of accepting anything that comes your way. While you may have had experiences you couldn’t escape, it’s likely that’s not the case today.

There Are Choices You Can Make

If you’ve felt squashed, shoved, dismissed, denied, devalued, or wrongfully accused, defeat can lead you to believe there’s nothing you can do about it. Here’s a gentle reminder for your weary heart. May it bring a spark of hope in dark times.

Just because we can’t see, or figure out, how to move forward when we feel stuck, there is always something you can do. You always have some level of choice, even if it’s the choice to take a deep breath, name your experience, and call for spiritual help.

Identifying choices helps you cultivate a life well-lived, rather than staying stuck or in fear.

You can move toward these choices, even when it doesn’t feel possible to take action. Just yet.

Where there are lies, there is always truth to counter them.

Truth, such as a God who is more gracious, merciful, loving, good, just, powerful, and comforting than you know or could ever comprehend.

Truth, such as God’s love and acceptance is fully available, right now, even when it feels far off. Because of Jesus, you are accepted and valued, even if it’s hard to believe it right now.

We all have choices we make every day, no matter what our circumstances are.

We don’t have to live stuck; we can learn to live well.

31 Choices to Live Well

The question is, will we make choices that help us cultivate a life well-lived?

Will we believe God’s holiness is greater than the hard and the hurt?

That’s my goal and my great desire for you and I. I want to help Christ followers experience greater peace, joy, and freedom. I believe it’s possible and I know God has it available for you.

Right now. Wherever you’re at. Whatever you are going through.

I hope you’ll see, things are never quite as stuck as they feel right now.

I won’t promise you it will be easy, but I can wholeheartedly declare it will be worth it.

The power of God enables us to get unstuck and live well.

31 Choices You Can Make to Live Well 

Choice 1: When the Going Gets Tough, How Do the Tough Get Going? {Choose God}
Choice 2: When You Think You Can’t {Choose Activated Faith}
Choice 3: What Will You Ask For? {Choose Help}
Choice 4: When the Day is Hard {Choose the Holy Spirit}
Choice 5: Untangling Shame and Humility {Choose Humility}
Choice 6: Who Can Handle It? {Choose Honesty}
Choice 7: Beyond What We Want to Believe {Choose Acceptance}
Choice 8: My Heart is Hugged {Choose Community}
Choice 9: The Scary Way Into Freedom {Choose Confession}
Choice 10: How Did We Get Here? {Choose Awareness}
Choice 11: When You Awake in Darkness, Remember the Light is Coming {Choose Hope}
Choice 12: Yes, We Can Be Brave {Choose Courage}
Choice 13: When You Can’t Keep Doing What You’ve Been Doing {Choose Self-Care}
Choice 14: What if This is All We Have to Give? {Choose to Give}
Choice 15: What Confessed Sin Gets You {Choose Confession}
Choice 16: How to Be the Best You {Choose Sanctification}
Choice 17: Will You or Won’t You {Choose Obedience}
Choice 18: Come, Lord Jesus {Choose Prayer}
Choice 19: When Resistance Keeps Us From Living Well {Choose Pliability}
Choice 20: Beyond the Mountain Top Experience {Choose Remembrance}
Choice 21: When You Need New Life Breathed Into Your Soul {Choose to Dream}
Choice 22: What to Do When Dreams Don’t Come True {Choose to Grieve}
Choice 23: Getting to God {Choose Rest}
Choice 24: When Things Are Not As You Wish Them To Be {Choose Praise}
Choice 25: What Does it Look Like to Walk in Faith? {Choose Steps}
Choice 26: How to Keep Going When the Way is hard {Choose Perseverance}
Choice 27: Caring for the Whole You {Choose Wholeness}
Choice 28: Could This Kind of Clutter Be Keeping You From Living Well? {Choose to Decide}
Choice 29: How to Fight the Fear of Never Having Enough {Choose Gratitude}
Choice 30: More Than Words {Choose Forgiveness}
Choice 31: How Can We Have it All? {Choose Surrender}

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Choices to Live Well